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Homemade Cleaning for Natural
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Homemade Cleaning for Natural, Green, Eco-Friendly

People always want to keep their beloved home and office spaces clean and tidy all the time. These days, it wouldn’t be possible without investing in commercial cleaning products and cleaning techniques. Almost every day we use these cleaning products back at home, office or even in our vehicle in order to fight with the dirt and germs. But, do you think we are the ones winning the fight?

I doubt it. When compared to the traditional cleaning products, the commercial cleaning products available today are chemical based and are toxic in nature. Green cleaning is one of the proven cleaning methods to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Yes, green cleaning is exactly what you think it is.

Using environment-friendly cleaning products and adopting methods that do not affect our surroundings is what we are talking about. Be it residential or commercial space, it is always good to go for green cleaning solutions rather than the conventional chemical-based products which cause serious illnesses in the long run.

There are plenty of green cleaning products available today which are 100% natural and can save you some money. Initially, people were a little skeptical about whether green cleaning is as efficient as the conventional cleaning methods. Now, there is a growing demand for green cleaning over the years, which is an ultimate alternative for conventional cleaning methods. Now, let us find out some of the reasons why you should totally go for Green Cleaning?

Safety first

Without a doubt, green cleaning products and methods are safer than conventional cleaning methods. The conventional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia that can cause serious health issues. Switch to green cleaning especially when you have little kids at home because they are highly vulnerable to these chemicals. The green cleaning products are biodegradable and are available in the local market.

You are Helping Save our Environment

Green cleaning is not just about taking care of our health or the health of our loved ones. The toxic chemicals present in conventional cleaning products can easily reach the water bodies and pollute the air. By switching to green cleaning you are contributing to the health of our environment too. Being derived from safe and non-toxic natural resources, green cleaning products are absolutely safe for our surroundings.

You can Prevent Water Pollution

Yes, water pollution caused by traditional cleaning products is an elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about. Most of the cleaning products end up in the water bodies that surround us. The wastewater which is disposed of out of the dishwasher, washing machines, bath or shower can contaminate the surrounding water bodies.

Improve the Indoor Air Quality

Regular use of chemical-based cleaning products can cause you health hazards. These household cleaners are pretty effective at getting rid of dirt and keeping the homes clean. But some of these chemicals contribute to poor air quality by concentrating inside the house. The toxic ingredients present in these cleaners can cause respiratory irritation and it is definitely not recommended if you have asthma or any kind of lung diseases.

Healthy Pets

Love your pets? Then you don’t want to ignore green cleaning. When you are sharing space with your pets, you need to look after them and keep every nook and corner of the home safe for them. Just like toddlers, our naughty little friends love to play on the floor and will pick up anything that is lying down. Cleaning the floors and spaces that are within your pets reach all the time is a tough job. But what is even tougher is buying the right cleaning products that won’t harm our pets.

The cleaning products that we use for household cleaning are not at all safe for our pets. Always go for natural and non-toxic products!

You Save a lot of Money

Green products are a money saver. The question you should ask yourself is whether you should spend on something which is not environment-friendly and expensive at the same time? From your bathroom to utensils there is a product available for keeping each of them clean. But you don’t really have to invest in each item. When you go shopping you can buy natural ingredients like vinegar, lemon, baking soda and essential oil for your home.


Over the last couple of years, the green cleaning products and practices have gained popularity. More and more businesses are entering into the green product market with green and clean eco-friendly products which are as good as the conventional cleaning products. Today professional cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi are committed to using non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions and thereby protecting the environment.

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