10 Things Your New Garden Needs – Garden Maintaining Tips

Garden Maintaining Tips

Best Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Clean

When you’ve been working hard on your garden for days or even weeks, it can be easy to lose sight of what to do with it once it’s finished. There’s still plenty of work to do, even when you’ve concluded your project (or the landscapers have, depending on whether you’re getting people in to help). What to do next can feel daunting and difficult to figure out, but don’t worry. Here are 8 things you need to install in your new garden to make it feel truly like it’s part of the home.

  1. High-quality decking

Garden decking adds that rustic homemade feel to a garden and isn’t that difficult to install. There are a few caveats here; decking is fairly high-maintenance, so you’ll need to make sure you take care of it, and it can get a little slippy in the rainy season. Still, when you want to host a summer party outdoors, decking can really add a much-needed edge. Aim for a good-quality timber company like BSW Timber when you’re installing decking. It’s not worth skimping on quality for cheaper alternatives.

  1. A seating arrangement

A beautiful garden is nothing without somewhere to sit and admire it. Putting a good seating arrangement in your garden will complement your new decking perfectly, give your guests (and your family) a place to relax, and possibly even double up as an unconventional outdoor office space if you’re that way inclined. Scatter a few chairs around a central table and you’ll also have somewhere to eat when it’s warm (not to mention barbeques!).

  1. Homegrown fruit and veg

Nothing screams “home-cooked meal” quite like ingredients that come from your very own garden. This is naturally much better for the back garden than the front; you don’t want people wrecking the vegetables you’ve worked so hard to cultivate, after all. Growing your own food is much easier than you might think, and it’s an immensely rewarding process. You can start with easy options like potatoes and then move on to more difficult vegetables when you feel ready.

  1. Garden ornaments

It’s time to ditch the classic garden gnome and think about some unconventional garden ornaments. While store-bought options are always great, you can also repurpose objects from your home and make them into interesting garden conversation pieces. Why not create some art installations for your garden? That way, guests won’t just want to sit in the garden when it’s warm, they’ll also want to talk about what you’ve created.

  1. A lighting arrangement

When the winter months start to draw in, you don’t want your garden to completely go to waste. It’s no good spending ages working on your garden just to ignore it for six months of the year, right? Installing a lighting arrangement in your garden puts paid to this problem. Scatter the lights throughout the garden for a beautiful ethereal effect during winter, especially when it’s snowing. Motion sensor lights can also double up as potential invader alarms.

  1. A pet area

If you’ve got a dog, then it’s a great idea to put a dog kennel in your garden. This will give your furry friend somewhere to sleep if they don’t feel like hanging out in the house. It’ll also provide a handy place to keep the dog if you have guests over who have strong allergies (sorry, buddy). If you have cats, then think about potentially installing a cat run with obstacles and tunnels for them to run around in. Your pets deserve to make the most of your new garden too!

  1. A shed

If you, your partner, or anyone in your family is DIY-inclined, then you should think about installing a shed. This is not only a great place to keep all of your tools, but it can also double up as a home office space for a really insulated and isolated place to think and create. During the holiday season, you can add interesting lighting and decoration to the shed to make a Santa’s grotto-style arrangement. Think outside the box when it comes to your shed!

  1. Flowers

We know it sounds obvious, but many people spend so long landscaping and planning their garden that they forget to put actual plants in it. We don’t just mean grass or the occasional flower, either; we mean full, bespoke flower displays. Try to choose flowers that complement one another not only in terms of colour but also in terms of growth patterns. Great flower arrangements look beautiful and are relatively easy to maintain, though putting the extra work in will yield results.

  1. Smart garden tech

Here’s one for the tech-literate: smart garden tech. We’re talking about fully automated sprinkler systems you can control with your smartphone or smart home device. No more wondering whether it’s time to water the plants; just check your app and act accordingly. You can also get plenty of other smart garden tech like plant sensors, trimmers, and more. Have a look around your garden and see where you’d benefit from installing smart tech the most.

  1. Swinging seating

It’s not a truly relaxing and decadent garden until you’ve installed a swinging seating arrangement. During the summer months, your swinging seat will double up as a hammock, meaning you can spend all day outside if you want to. It’s also an excellent place to relax with your family and friends. Try to install the seating in a spot where you can overlook the whole garden; that way, you can admire your handiwork and feel relaxed at the same time.

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