Improve Productivity at Work

Improve Productivity at Work

1. Stop Multitasking

In most cases, people try to tackle a few tasks simultaneously, especially when they deem the tasks too easy or small. And in most cases, this approach does not work. Earl K. Miller, a renowned neuro scientist, reckons that multitasking is not humanly possible. We simply fool ourselves into thinking that we can juggle phone calls, eating lunch, and creating a presentation. The best approach is to focus on the main task at any given time. This will help you complete the task faster.

2. Take Breaks

There is a perception that working longer hours equates to getting more done. In reality, however, we tend to get burned out and achieve little. Countless studies have shown that taking regular breaks helps improve concentration and can boost your mood. As such, take 5-minutes’ walk around the office. In the afternoon, spend at least 15 minutes, grabbing your favorite beverage.

3. Set Small Goals

Looking at your ultimate goal can be intimidating and overwhelming. Seeing numerous projects on your calendar can be stressful for most people. The best option is to break the overall project into smaller tasks. You will feel more in control over your projects as the big projects will seem less intimidating. This approach will provide, which will help you be more productive. Break all your projects with smaller tasks. You will stay on track and meet all your day-to-day goals.

4. Handle the Biggest Tasks When You Are Most Alert

There are times when we procrastinate big projects just because we are not confident that we can accomplish them. Unfortunately, by the time we get to tackling such tasks, we are already burned out and incapable of giving proper concentration to handle the tasks properly. That is how tasks end up bleeding into more days than planned, which lower your productivity.

To counter this, you need to understand when and how best to work on big projects. Keep in mind that you need to develop a schedule that works for you. If you are a morning person, handle the big tasks as the first activity of your day.

Getting enough rest will set you in good stead to tackle the day ahead. Make sure your sleep is a restful one with a Sleep Number mattress.

5. Implement the “2-Minute Rule”

Take advantage of your time at work by utilizing the tiny windows with actual tasks. Entrepreneur Steve Olenski says that finding and completing small tasks that take 2 minutes or less can save you time. If a task takes less than 2 minutes, do it now.

The other consideration with this rule is that it can be the genesis of achieving your goals or creating a positive habit. While it doe s not mean that you will be able to complete all the targets within 2 minutes, but you will develop a culture of setting new goals and achieving them.

Different days will offer different levels of productivity. Do not beat yourself when your productivity dips. A better solution is to refocus your energy on implementing these tips. When you settle on a sweet spot that works, you will be surprised at the amount of work you will get done in and out of your office.

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