Social Effects of Drug Abuse on the Community Life

Effects of Drug Abuse on the Community Life

The Social Impact of Drug Abuse – How it Could Impact the Community

You probably know a person who has had a drug abuse disorder. Drug abuse is one of the worst societal problems today. While most users start using drugs knowingly, a good percentage of drug abuse is an outcome of medical prescriptions. In the US, addiction occurs in 6% of patients under prescribed medicine.

Negative aspects of drugs to individuals include loss of jobs, heart conditions, mental illnesses, loss of memory, etc.

Most of the people who stay alone gradually fall prey to drugs over time due to various reasons. Almost every  home care experts have had to face a patient or two who had been on drugs and is trying to overcome it. That shows how society is going to face a tough time if there is no timely measure taken on drug abuse.

The impact of drugs in community life stretches from individuals, medical practitioners, drug manufacturers, and drug cartels. But what is the effect of drug abuse in community life? This article expounds further.

  • Death

Between 1999 t0 2017, 70,000 Americans died from drug-related cases. Death robs the society of the workforce and breadwinners in families. The outcome is slow economic growth and a rise in poverty levels.

  • Crime

Very few people commit crimes while sober. The crime rate is high in areas associated with drug cartels and drug abuse. Such areas are also characterized by regular confrontations between the police and the cartels. Drug addiction is expensive. Addicted people resort to theft to get money for drugs. Nobody wants to live in an insecure neighborhood or live in fear as a result of insecurity.  Residences with a high crime rate have slow economic progress and lack peace.

  • Family Breakdown

Excess alcohol use is associated with family breakdowns and poor upbringing of kids. Breakdown results from trust issues as a result of addictions or frequent fights between parents. Misuse of finances by one of the parents is also a common occurrence of drug abuse. The result tends to be neglected kids and most likely divorce.

Drug abuse often results in job loss. In the event, a parent becomes jobless, meeting family financial commitments strains one partner.

Pressure on Institutions and Rehabilitation Costs

In the Financial Year 2018, The US Federal Drug Control Budget was $28.5 billion. The numbers are worrying. When drug abuse rates are high in the country; rehab facilities, local authorities and the government incur high costs to curb the problem. A high number of drug patients’ flock to rehab centers. With the cost of rehabilitation being high, the facilities may not be able to manage the situation effectively.


In Britain, alcohol accounts for 14% of the total road accidents. Some of the effects of alcohol are poor judgment, poor concentration, and slow thinking. Driving under the influence of liquor exposes not only the alcoholic but also other road users. Alcohol abuse can also cause accidents like fires, and spouse abuse.

Final Thought

It is crucial to observe the people near you for any signs of drug abuse, i.e., your family, friends, and co-workers. Addressing drug use at the initial stage can help prevent drug addiction and abuse. Do your bit to save the society. People get into the influence due to some or the other reason getting out of it is difficult, however, if there is a helping hand at the right time, things would be easier for them and the impact on society could be less stressful.

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