Mental Health Issues of Dogs and Their Treatment With CBD

Do you feel depression and anxiety in serious situations? It is an obvious reaction of the brain when something unfavorable happens. We consult with psychotherapists whenever such kinds of issues persist. Have you ever thought about the mental health of your pet dog? Yes, they also suffer from mental health disorders. Anxiety and depression affect dogs in a similar way as humans. However, they cannot tell about their ailing mental health. You need to understand the situation by examining the symptoms. Here we are going to mention the most common mental health issues with their symptoms. 


Just like humans, dogs also suffer from different types of anxieties. Veterinarians classify dog anxieties into three different types including:- 

  • Puppy Separation Anxiety 

What happens to dogs when you leave them alone inside the home during the working hours? When they are alone, separation anxiety becomes apparent. It is very common among pet dogs because they fear of being isolated. A dog going through separation anxiety shows destructive behavior such as chewing shoes and smashing furniture. 

  • Noise Anxiety 

Dogs are capable of hearing very low decibel sounds that we generally cannot here. On the other hand, human ears can tolerate higher decibels but dogs can’t. Loud noises like firecrackers, thunderstorm and music cause noise anxiety in dogs which affect dogs similarly like separation anxiety because of the similarity in consequences. 

  • Social Anxiety

Do you feel anxious while socializing? The same thing can happen with dogs also. It generally happens with the dogs who spend their previous life in stress. Social anxiety is mostly noticed in pets rescued from puppy mills or locations where they were abused and neglected. You can help them with especially designed and effective treatment for dogs anxiety.

Anxiety Symptoms in Dogs 

  • Hiding
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Trembling
  • Self-harm
  • Escaping attempts
  • Inactiveness 


After anxiety, depression is the second most disturbing mental health issue with dogs. The environment where a dog is living is mostly responsible for depressive syndromes. The most common reasons triggering depression are loss or owner or companion. If you relocate to a new home, paying less attention because of a newborn baby or bringing another pet, they start feeling depressed. 

Depression Symptoms in Dogs

  • Weight loss 
  • Appetite loss
  • Reduction in social interaction 
  • Refusing treats 
  • An abrupt change in behavior 
  • Sleepy
  • Excessive fur shedding

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 

In dogs, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder occurs less frequently, still, you need to pay attention to their changing behavior. Stress, frustration and conflicts are some common reasons why a dog may suffer from OCD. 

OCD Symptoms in Dogs

  • Increasing in tail-chasing behavior 
  • Dizzyness 
  • Repetitive behavior 
  • Self-harm

CBD | A natural health supplement to promote a pet’s mental health  

CBD aka Cannabidiol is among the major ingredients of the cannabis plant but has no psychoactive properties. Both humans and animals share the same endocannabinoid system to metabolize cannabinoid compounds. CBD is a relaxing agent that provides relief from stress, depression, anxiety seizures. According to the size, breed and age of a dog, you can get suggestions from vets regarding the regular dosage quantity. The CBD concentrates for pets are available in multiple forms including:- 

  1. Gummies 
  2. Tinctures 
  3. Supplement powder 
  4. Dog treats 

Whenever you notice any symptom as we are mentioning above, consult with your vet regarding the dosage of CBD. Cannabidiol is helpful in curing dog separation anxiety quickly without causing any side effects. 


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