5 Incredible Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base – A Useful Guide

Skimping on the quality of bed ends up tossing and turning all night and leaving you exhausted in the morning!

Your bed is much more than a piece of furniture, it is where you spend so much time- from reading your favorite novel in the late night to watching TV and getting a sound sleep. Knowing that when this piece of furniture is so important, do you think taking a one-size-fits-all approach would do the trick? Probably not!

Since achieving a “perfect sleep style” varies for everyone, relying on standard bed frame won’t do your body any favors. So, if you want to enhance your sleep routine and take your night time health more seriously- “adjustable beds” are your go-to solution. This simple yet effective change can immediately counter common sleep problems and provides you long-term health benefits.

While they primarily belong to hospitals for extraskeletal support; nowadays, more and more people appreciate adjustable beds in maintaining good health conditions.

Here are other health benefits you will likely experience from adjustable beds:

Relief from Chronic Back Pain

With the adjustable bed, one can position to sleep comfortably, matching the body contouring as perfectly as possible. Since it can be adjusted at both ends that are head and foot, it gives a surface that supports your spine by easing pressure on the sciatic nerve. Thus, chronic conditions like sciatica result from the nerve and confined in the spine’s base will be improved.

Besides, the angled head at 45 degrees prevents neck pains as it provides a well-supportive platform, which also replaces the requirement of multiple pillows. Further, raising the bed’s foot also allows support beneath the knees and takes off unnecessary pressure affecting the spine.

Prevents Leg and Ankle Swelling

Swollen ankles and legs are a common issue for many people. Stats indicate that around 1 million people in the US develop gout, which is a form of rheumatic arthritis due to inflammation in the joints. This issue is often seen in people with acute heart conditions, kidney disease, and DVT (Deep vein thrombosis).

Swelling can not only be painful, but tends to get severe during the night when you are lying flat for hours. Using an adjustable bed with the right mattress from Southern California mattress superstores ensures proper body posture and prevents fluids from pooling overnight.

Boost Blood Circulation

The quality of your sleep largely depends on the flow of your circulatory system. During sleep, the pressure stops the blood flow to specific parts of the body, which in turn impacts the quality of your sleep.

With an adjustable bed base, one can fine-tune their sleep positions to distribute the pressure evenly and allowing good blood flow to the heart and better circulation throughout the body.

Relieve Pain in the Joints

An adjustable bed frame is great for arthritis patients, especially those who experience severe pain and stiffness. Pain gets worse in the night since most beds keep us lying flat.

Adjustable bed allows positioning in a way that takes the weight and pressures off and relieves stiff areas. This will alleviate pain throughout the body, enabling you to sleep properly and feeling refreshed in the morning.

Better Lifestyle

Let’s face it- today, people use their bedrooms not just for sleeping, but for things like a workstation, reading desk, checking urgent emails on their laptops, etc.

Box springs or flat frames are simply not designed to ease these activities. An adjustable bed base with the right mattress can change the quality of your lifestyle. It can also change your bedroom into a place that becomes your own “personal suite.” A place that will take away your hurdles, and cradle you regardless of what you are doing.

Adjustable beds just help you ensure those precious sleep hours are well-spent!

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