8 Benefits of Sleep to Your Good Health

Sleep to Your Good Health

Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

Now a days, 73% of people ignore the importance of sleep because of their hectic schedule at work or even college students barely sleep because they want to pass every single subject they have on their prospectus. Hence, fifty people of those 73% are suffering from mental and physical illnesses such as anxiety, depression, heart diseases, chronic migraine and some other diseases that people get once they start to skip numerous sleeps.  The remaining number of people from that 73% are suffering from different skin problems, such as skin breakouts, redness, uneven skin tone and dark circles. Hence, experts and doctors are always spreading the significance of sleep.

A YouTube video explained what will happen to a person who only sleep for two to three in 15 days and it explained that in the first two days the person will be fine, but for the rest of the following days, the person will begin to recall his or her dark experiences, scream, suffer from trauma, skip his or her meals and scream for endless hours. This video just showed the danger of not sleeping 8 hours a day, and what are the possible diseases one can have. 

Sleep is not just important to make us look good or fresh, but sleep is important because it has countless benefits, and experts are still discovering more benefits that you can get from having enough sleep every night. Of course to be able to have a good sleep at night a safe and comfortable bedroom is a must and a bed that has a king size dimension will give you enough comfort to sleep for the whole 8 hours. In this article, you will learn what are the most common health benefits that you will get from having enough sleep every night.

The following are the benefits you will get from having enough sleep every night

  • You will get longer lifespan

According to Allyssa Sparacino’s article, there was a study that proved sleep can longer our life span. It was discovered that a particular number of women who only sleep less than five hours every day are prone to have some incurable diseases. In addition, people who sleep more than nine hours are prone to have brain damage, obesity and heart problems or even stroke. 

By sleeping 8 hours every day, you will be able to avoid those deadly diseases that can shorten your lifespan. If suffering from any sleeping problems such as insomnia, it is recommended to apply essential oils like lavender, and roman chamomile oil by spraying around your bed or on your pillow. These essential oil has a scent that helps you to fall asleep on time and continuously throughout the night. You can also invest in a comfy 10.5 tog duvet to create a cozy sleeping environment. 

  • Decreases your chances of getting any curb inflammation problems

Have you been experiencing some curb inflammation due to lack of sleep? Well that’s a sign that you’re definitely prone to have stroke, heart problems, or diabetes which means you have a 91% chance of getting any of those deadly diseases. However, that can be avoided since curb inflammation are just the first signs. To avoid it any difficulties of medication, it is recommended to get enough sleep. Setting a specific bedtime every night and make sure to wake up early every morning. It can also be accompanied by a regular morning workout to give your muscles some activities that can strengthen it.

  • It enhances your creativity

If you’re attending any art classes such as painting class, dress making class, or makeup artistry, it will be a huge help for you to enhance your creativity through a consistent 8 hours of sleep every night. Our mind works while we are sleeping but it is working to strengthen our memory system to familiarize things that we are trying to learn. With getting enough hours of sleep, our mind is also being refreshed, which makes it more active during the day.

This is also applicable to all students, to learn and familiarize the information you will need for your approaching examination. It is much better to study during the day and get enough of sleep by night to soak all of the information into your mind. Hence, it is much better to learn and familiarize everything you need to do during the day and sleep it off during the night, instead of forcing yourself trying to learn something because you will only end up learning nothing and tired by the time you wake up.

  • It improves your performance as an athlete

Yes, sleep can definitely improve your performance as an athlete because while you are fast asleep, your body and brain is regaining enough energy and ATP that you will need for the next day. Though once you’re an athlete, 8 hours of sleep might not be enough for you, you will need at least 9 or 10 hours. It was stated in an article written by Allyssa Sparacino that a study discovered athletes such as a football player from Stanford university has a better performance because they spend at least 10 hours of sleep. Hence, these football players have better sprint time and more stamina because their body is well-conditioned.

Even for a regular person who works a lot, sleeping can also help you improve your performance at your work. If you’re a regular student who is more focused on studying, sleeping does the same thing, it improves your performance on your academics because your mind has been conditioned by sleeping enough at night. To be able to sleep without any disruption, it is much better to have a bed that has a metal bed frame on it, this bed tool can add a quality on your bed which will reduce any squeaky noise.  

  • Sharpen your memory

Have you been forgetting a lot of things lately due to lack of sleep? Well that’s because your mind didn’t get enough time to do a process called “sleep consolidation”. This is where our mind encodes all of the things on a different memory level on our mind. Once you start to sleep less than 5 hours every night, your mind won’t be able to encode the things you need to remember on all memory level on your mind. Experts said that 60% of people who slept less than 5 hours tend to forget a lot of things, which is the reason why they procrastinate and has a lower level of performance at work or at your academics. 

Whatever you need to finish is, it is still important to stick to your early bedtime, it is still much better to set aside all of your extra task and get enough rest, since you can just work on those by the time you wake up and get or create a better result. 

  • You will be more attentive

Sleeping less than five hours makes us tired during the day time, which makes us tired and lack of willingness or energy to do our job or task at work. Some people say that the reason why children are so active is because they are young and they have more energy than the adults. No, that is actually a false thinking. Energy levels are all equal no matter how old you are; it will only depend on how many hours you spend sleeping to regain all of the energy you need throughout the day. 

Try to set a particular time earlier than 10PM and an alarm at 6AM, and make it consistent every day and night. After a week or three, you will notice that the level of your energy is higher than the level of your stress. Hence, it is recommended to have enough sleep every night if you want to be more attentive.

  • Makes you look younger

 The only source of youth is beauty sleep, and this is not just for women but also for men. Every person who works so hard deserves to have a beauty sleep, and yes beauty sleep is a fact not just a myth. It is a source of youth because when we are sleeping, our body works on replacing all of the damaged tissues and cells on our skin. Aside from that, our body also produces a natural moisture that our skin needs as a protection from all of the different dirt we encounter during the day. 

 With a proper sleep, your skin will have an even skin tone, and you will notice that there will be no more wrinkles and dark circles, which will save you from using foundation and concealer on your everyday makeup. Beauty sleep gives us a youthful glow and fresh looking throughout the day, that’s why there’s no need to use any foundation or anti-aging creams when beauty sleep is safer and reliable solution for that.

  • Tool to help you manage your stress level

There are two types of stress, the first one is a bad stress which happens when we mismanage our stress level. The second type of stress is a good stress; this is the type of stress that can push us to perform much better to produce a positive result on our particular tasks. Hence, it is important to always manage your stress level by getting enough sleep. One of the main reasons why some people mismanage their stress level is due to lack of sleep. 

 Therefore, no matter how busy you are or hectic your work schedule is, it is always important to get a proper hour of sleep. With a perfect weighted blanket to keep you warm at night, comfy pillows for your head and a firm mattress, you will get tempted to go to sleep and wake up feeling great.

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