6 Best Fruits to Keep You Cool and Hydrated in Summer

Best Fruits to Keep You Cool

Indian summers are very painful. Being a mordant tropical country, India experiences unbearable summers. In some particular places, it is not only hot but humid too. It is very important to ensure that your body stays hydrated during this season. And eating fruits especially summer fruits is the best way to beat the heat. Summer fruits provide an instant boost of energy and help reduce tiredness and exhaustion, something that many of us experiences during the summer season. They will keep your body completely hydrated and cool you down.

Some of the best fruits to eat during the summer are:

1. Watermelon

Summers are imperfect without this red and juicy large fruit. This is one of the best cooling fruits to throat on during the scorching summer season. Watermelons are cheap in price and very healthy. It is a great source of water and vitamin A and C as well. Vitamin A boosts instant immunity and is good for our eyes. Vitamin C also provides immunity. Above this, it also has Vitamin B6 and potassium. Potassium sustains water balance in the body while Vitamin B6 enhances immunity. Potassium also restrains muscle cramps and keeps your heart healthy.

Eating watermelons help to protect skin damage caused by the sunlight. It also helps prevent the causation of sunstroke and cancer and improves heart health.

2. Papaya

Papaya is another great fruit that you can eat in the summer.  It can be eaten as dried, ripe or unripe. Papayas contain nutrients like Vitamin A and C, folate, and various phytochemicals.

For your gastrointestinal health, this fruit also contains a compound called papain. It also helps in curing indigestion and bloating, something that is very much common during summers. Papaya is also a good source of beta-carotene. It prevents skin damage and reduces inflammation. Papaya also has a decent amount of antioxidants and helps prevent cancer and serious heart diseases.

3. Mango

A lot of people out there who love summers just because of mangoes. Mangoes are high in calories, though a rich source of nutrients. There are a few reasons why mangoes are known as the ‘king of fruits’. This fruit has 20 minerals, vitamins and is enriched with fiber. Fiber helps with digestion and helps keep you full. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A and C, and also potassium. Also, zeaxanthin, a pigment present in mangoes, protects the eyes by filtering out harmful blue rays.

4. Grapes

In India Grapes are easily available during summer. They are full in antioxidants and are a rich source of potassium. You should definitely include grapes in your diet if you have blood sugar or high cholesterol. Grapes will keep your body hydrated and your heart healthy. They are good for boost brain health and also for the knees. Grapes also work in your body like resistant to protect, many viral infections and prevent eye disease. They cure loss of appetite and help fight breast cancer.

5. Pineapple

Pineapples are known as one of the most-loved tropical fruits. It is a part of every fruit salad which is made in the summer season. Pineapples help to boosts metabolism and cut off inflammation. They regulate excessive body fat and also help burn calories.

An interesting fact about the pineapples – We cannot call the pineapple fruit. Did you know why? Because it is a mass of individual berries that are fused into a large unit.

6. Litchi

As we are talking about summer fruits, how could we forget about Litchis? They are small in size but at the same time, they are loved for their sweet and juicy taste. Only in the summer season, you can get both the fruits mango and litchi. Everyone should try and make good utilization of both the fruits during this season. Litchis are a great source of potassium and vitamins. They help your blood pressure normal and sodium levels in the body. Highly rich in antioxidants, litchis also boost instant immunity, impedes cancer, and also reduce fat from the body.

These are some of the fruits of the summer season that are good and healthy for your body. You can just eat this fresh fruit or make juices or smoothies as you prefer. You can also make a mix of fruit salad with all these fruits for extra benefit.

Rather than reaching for high-calorie fried snacks, whenever you feel hungry, you can take a few pieces of one of these fruits into your mouth. This will reduce your food cravings without making unwanted calories. Your skin, hair, and body will also have benefit from the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants of the fruits.

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