5 Good Foods For Your Hair Health

food for hair growth and thickness
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Best Foods for Hair Growth

Strong, long and healthy hairs are a dream of almost every man and women and yet no all of them are able to fulfill this dream. Of course, taking care of your scalp is vital for your healthy hair but without a proper diet plan, it might become useless. You can get frizzy, dry, silky or smooth hair – all of these are symptoms of your inner health. All of your hairs are made from though protein known as keratin and they require constant nourishment with vitamins and minerals to stay strong and healthy.

It is up to you to provide your hairs with all the vital nutrients and vitamins they need and you can do this by having a proper diet plan. If you do not have any idea on what to consume to make your hair healthy then here is a list of foods that you should consume to make your hair strong and healthy.

Eggs Provide Protein

As already mentioned above hair is made from protein, that is why it is vital to consume a sufficient amount of protein. Protein works as the building block for your hairs and eggs are one of the richest natural protein sources which you can easily find in your nearest convenience store. Also, you can buy protein enrich shampoo online using Nykaa Sale with great offers.


If there is a deficiency of iron in your body then you might experience hair loss. Every nutrient that you consume reaches your hair follicle only through the rich blood supply. Iron deficiency can cause anemia which affects the nutrient supply to our hair follicles, which disrupts the hair growth cycle and causes hair loss.

For iron, you should consume green leafy veggies and Spinach is the richest source of natural iron, which as mentioned is crucial for our hairs. Iron assists our red blood cells to carry oxidized nutrients to our follicles and it triggers the hair growth and repair.

Aside from being rich in Iron spinach is also loaded with vitamin A, folate, and vitamin C, all of which are known for supporting the hair cycle. Sebum which is famous for being a natural conditioner for hair is also present in the Spinach. If you think that is all then you are wrong, it also contains potassium, magnesium, Omega-3 acids, iron, and calcium. All of which is a must for healthy hair growth.

Citrus Rich Fruits for Vitamin C

Without proper quantity of Vitamin C your body cannot absorb iron efficiently; for maintaining vitamin C in your body consuming citrus rich fruits are a must. According to a nutritionist, only one lime is enough to make up for the daily dose of vitamin C. Just consume one chilled glass of lemonade with honey instead of sugar and you are all good to go. You can also go with oranges. Vitamin c also supports the buildup of collagen that makes our capillaries strong which ensures regular supply of blood to the hair shaft.

Nuts and Seeds for Omega-3 Fatty Acids

For the nourishment and thickening of the hairs, Omega-3 fatty asides are a must. Our body cannot produce these healthy fats naturally, so you need to get them from a natural source diet. A lot of nuts and seeds are rich in this healthy fat, you can consume a healthy dose of walnuts and almonds and it will make up for your daily need of omega-3. Just like that flaxseeds are also great source Omega-3 fatty acids.

Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds are known to be used in ancient Chinese medicine to restore hair color and stimulate hair growth. It is not that surprising though, considering the fact that these seeds are loaded with zinc and copper. Copperworks wonders in the proper functioning of our body, which also includes healthy hair growth. Lack of copper in our diet can also cause hair loss and hair thinning. In addition to this, you can easily order black sesame seeds online using Paytm Cashback with great deals.

Copper also helps in reducing the hair graying and making our hair colors better. Zinc is also vital for our hairs as it plays a major role in the production of hair cells and maintaining the oil-secreting glands of our scalp that makes hair shiny.

So, these are some of the foods that you should include in your diet if you want to maintain your healthy hair.

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