Top #6 Unique Desserts To Make Your Wedding Sweet!

Unique Desserts in Wedding
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Unique Wedding Sweets to Delight Your Guests

Wait, what is the time?

Oh, yes! It’s time to discuss the dessert menu.

The utterly soft and delicious cake melts in your mouth as you adjust your ice-cream on the spoon to eat it next.

Yes, heaven is when your tongue witnesses the explosion of the sugar rush in every bite.

That energy is beyond any other energy. The subtle happiness which we get when we eat

take that sweet bite is incomparable and makes us happier than the whole universe combined.

And it goes without saying that dessert is indeed the reason that motivates us to go to a wedding.

But what if it is your wedding? Well, the occasion is obviously bigger than any other ordinary event and calls for your utmost attention.

Especially the dessert menu does. So, let us help you plan the savoury and delightful desserts.

Today we have six uncommon yet delicious sweet dishes suggested by wedding caterers in Delhi that you never thought could be a part of your wedding.

Nobody would be able to resist these desserts at your wedding and we assure you that.

  • Waffles

Yes, we can feel your excitement through the screen.

Nobody thought that this can be a part of the wedding.

We were used to the mainstream vanilla ice cream with a dry cake.

But imagine people standing in a line to eat the delicious waffles.

Not just that but served with tangy and fresh toppings.

This waffle counter can make people really happy!

And if served with some hot coffee, it could be a full course meal.

  • Cheesecake

Are you a cheesecake person? Don’t worry we have got your back.

Just thinking about cheesecake being served at your wedding makes it sound like the idle wedding, doesn’t it?

The tangy cheese can melt anybody’s heart and not only this.

The crispy base can provide the texture with the mouth has been missing!

Ah, what a lip-smacking taste.

But make sure, your caterer serves it fresh and refrigerates it properly for the best taste and experience.

  • Custard Pudding

This soft and wobbly dessert can win over the whole nation, without any doubt.

This custard pudding is one of the most underrated desserts.

Moreover, it has not been added to many wedding menus as well.

Giving it an upper hand to be on your wedding menu!

And the caramel over the custard can make all the sweet dreams come true.

But you must serve this dessert with strawberries, blueberries or caramel.

  • Pancakes

Pancakes are easy to make fluffy cakes.

They are considered as the best breakfast food.

You can add a variety of syrups to be served with the pancake.

The best part about pancakes would be the ice cream served with it.

Not just the fresh fruits or the Nutella, but the flavoured ice cream can make it taste irresistibly amazing!

  • Brownie Cone

This dessert is not the mainstream dessert we eat in the cafes, but a unique taste.

This is brownie served in a cone. This can surprise a lot of people because it is not ice cream being served in the cone, but the dark chocolate buttery cake- brownie served in it. Not to mention that the brownie will stay in the cone and it would be very easy to eat because we all know how crumply a brownie can be.

  • Candy Counter

Yes, we are here to fulfil the dreams of the child in us.

A candy counter should be put up for guests as the return gift.

The cute swirls and the sweetness of the candy will be a better gift than any other sweet dish.

Not to forget that candy as a gift can be very cost effective too.

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