You Must Need Flea Treatment When Fleas in Your Cat Meela

Fleas in Your Cat Meela

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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Last spring, my cat; Meela kept o scratching herself continually. When I took her to my vet, he told me that Meela had fleas. Before we begin talking about the symptoms and her behavior she, let us talk about fleas. What are fleas are or what do they feed on? Fleas are insects, parasites by nature.

They feed on the blood of its host(s). These guys can jump into any random animal(s) and then make home into the depths of the fur of an animal’s skin. These little guys stay well concealed be it while biting and/or while drinking blood. They irritate their hosts during the whole process of blood-sucking and biting, both animals as well as humans. They can cause rigorous itching and redness.

Meela’s behavior seemed to have changed all of a sudden during that time. She went on scratching and then chewing all over her white furry body. The poor thing kept on shaking her head often and then scratching her ears. In fact, my daughter Stella even told me “Dad! Look! fleas are jumping up and down on Meela”. We had enough and we decided to see the vet to seek good advice on flea treatment Round Rock Texas.

The vet suggested that it was a case of severe infestation. And so, he told us how we’d know if Meela has fleas.

Fleas on Your Cat? Here’s How You Know & How to Get rid of Them?

You know your cat has fleas:

  • If you see your cat grooming its fur more than usual, you could suspect a flea infestation.

  • In case you notice presence of either red bumps or scabs, expressly along your cat’s neck and back

  • If you see your cat abnormally shaking its head

  •  If your cat is more restless than usual.

  • If your cat losing its fur.

  • If you see brown insects or parasites either jumping or crawling in your cat’s fur.

The vet continued that, there are certain easy steps to get rid of these little trouble makers. You could try out the following simple steps:

  • Dip the flea comb in a blend of dish soap and water and rub it on your cat’s fur. This should kill the fleas.
  • There is a specially designed shampoo for cats, which helps in killing the fleas. To kill the fleas, bathe your cat in this shampoo.
  •  Also, use the cat spray to treat your cat or your kitten.
  • To kill or avoid fleas it is only just that you should use a flea-preventive through-out the year.
  • To monitor the flea infestation, make sure you comb and inspect your cat on a weekly basis.
  • Make sure you set reminders so as to apply or to administer treatment and then use prevention-products that are in accordance with the product labels.
  •  You would also need to find out the whereabouts of your cat’s interactions, to decide on the risk of the flea infestation.


Having set all of this in order, let’s keep Meela and thousands of Meelas safe by killing the fleas and driving them away. And if you’re looking for the best pest control service Texas, check out DM Pest Control.

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