End of DME Pre Medical Billing worries with Sunknowledge

Pre Medical Billing System

Today healthcare providers are looking more for pre-billing activities than post-billing services. There is nil RCM organization that excels as well as offers all pre-billing activities, which includes order entry; eligibility verification and authorization; doctor of follow-up; order confirmation and scheduling of delivery all at the lowest charge but exception are there.  Sunknowledge Service Inc is being one such organization which excels in all the pre-billing services at the lowest service charge of $7 per hour.

RCM organization offering all the pre-billing services at one roof with such low service charge is rare, as pre-billing services that are competitive in this market requires a lot of accountability.

In fact, experience and trained resources are needed for such activities, as a single mistake can lead to claims denial.  This denial claims will result in wastage of a lot of time and money which is why most of the RCM organization doesn’t risk working on it.

DME Pre Billing

Reasons why Sunknowledge being the best DME pre-medical billing solution

Sunknowledge Service Inc is one such organization offering pre-billing services especially in DME pre medical billing with a highest productive metric. The DME pre-medical billing being our forte not because we ensure 99.9% accuracy rate but as we have well-equipped resources and experience peoples working mainly in this domain. In fact, 50% of our work involves in DME domain with annual revenue of 1.6 billion and clients like Medtronic.

Sunknowledge being the perfect revenue generation solution as our equipped resources ensure instant 80% operation cost reduction, 30% shrink in account receivable bucket as well as 97% first pass collection rate which is rare combination offers in this medical billing domain.

Other benefits of Sunknowlege:

It is a 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance ensuring security and quality working process and excellent operational transparency.

In fact with Sunknowledge, healthcare providers will have access to robust reporting about the workflow and progress according to their protocol, which can be daily, weekly and even monthly.  We also ensure no adjustment and write-offs are made without the client’s consent.

Apart from this we also perform after sell CPAP compliance support by performing tracking, contracting as well as counseling activities on the patients.

If you are looking for a one-stop effective DME pre-medical billing destination get in touch with Sunknowledge experts and know how our experts can help you, ease all your pre-medical billing problems with proper cash flow by performing a task-specific activity. So be part of Sunknowledge’s more than 100 clientele list with a no binding contract and get your financial condition upgraded.

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