5 Disadvantages To Using A Bikini Trimmer

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Deciding on whether to use a bikini trimmer or the myriad of other choices in the market can seem quite daunting. This article will discuss the disadvantages of bikini trimmers. Keep in mind that not all trimmers are made equal. Depending on the manufacturer some trimmers are better than others and also come with additional accessories and attachments.

​There are two types of bikini trimmers; a dry and a dry/wet dual trimmer that will enhance women beauty. Depending on the type of skin and application you desire, you can buy the exact kind of trimmer you want.

  • Cleaning​

A regular razor only requires a few seconds of cleaning. Pop it in hot water and swish it around to get the clogged hair out. Unfortunately, with a trimmer, you will at least have five minutes of cleaning a day or more. Cleaning time varies from each brand and the number of blades and how much hair you are removing.

The basic care of a trimmer is simple, but clearly not as simple as the conventional ones. Sometimes, the blades can overheat and will require oiling which can cause hair and build-up to occur. This will make for more cleaning time. You can choose to clean the razor daily or every couple of days, but don’t push it.​

  • ​Unavoidable Design Flaws

Trimmers are limited as they have a hard time getting into tight spaces. Design flaws like lacking a pivoting head to glide as per your curves can be highly annoying. Regular razors have gone through complete redesigns and are using new materials to allow the razors to conform to the curves of your body while still getting the closest shave. Trimmers have ridged heads and are not flexible in nature. They are limited by the material.

First-time users must be cautious; hair pulling is definitely going to happen and it hurts. Due to the movement of the blades hair pulling is to be expected. This design flaw cannot be avoided. Once beginners become used to their trimmer they will understand how to avoid this from happening with their own technique of shaving, but this takes time. Only regular razors can avoid these painful events. Hair pulling can lead to ingrown and irritated follicles. This is not a good solution for people who are easily irritated and sensitive in bikini areas. But who is not?

​Additional accessories can help trimmers perform different functions, but will not give you an over-all better shave or get into tough spots. Trimmers have adjustable length trimmer heads which only control hair’s length. A regular razor can shave and trim simultaneously. If the trimmer does not have any accessories expect that the trimmer can only trim to one length and that is it.

Additionally, due to these design flaws of the trimmer, a regular razor provides the closest shave out of all the choices. Trimmers can remove unwanted hair but sometimes leave the skin feeling rough or the hair poking. This can cause additional razor burn and wreak havoc on your skin.​

  • Price​

Let’s face it, bikini trimmers are expensive compared to regular razors. They require upkeep and replacement blades usually every 18 months. With many models, this could mean your blades cost almost half the amount of the original price. Over a period of years, you will find that regular razors are the cheapest even when replacing their blades. Even the reasons for needing shaving creams will not diminish when using a trimmer. So, the cost of shaving creams will still be present for some people. Check & Compared you best bikini trimmer in hairtrimmerli.

​Another consideration with the price is accidents and malfunctioning. If you have a dry trimmer and it accidentally gets wet, you will have to replace the entire unit again. If you have something malfunctioning usually the manufacturer will have a warranty but it is very limited and does not cover user error.

  • Skin Irritations​

Traditional razors get the closest shave, we all agree now, as long as the razor is not dull. Hair pulling and razor burn are big factors when considering a trimmer. Trimmers usually cause ingrown hairs and with some models it is unavoidable. Also, once the hair is shaved, can poke and cause ingrown hairs. Most models of trimmers do not have a cross-action blade that ensures the hair will not gouge the neighboring follicle. Hair pulling can lead to extreme irritation with some people with trimmers.

​Trimmers are also known for tearing the skin when too much long hair is being trimmed. It is suggested that you use shaving cream and a wet trimmer for long coarse hair. Why pay more money to do the same thing a traditional razor can use the same shaving method while not trimming hair nearly as close as a razor?

  • Powering Trimmer​

Trimmers are either battery-powered or cord powered. When batteries are low or the unit is not charged properly the entire trimmer becomes dangerous. Hair pulling is the ultimate result. Also, it is inconvenient to have a trimmer that has a cord. It is obvious that corded trimmers will not be wet/dry, they are limited in maneuverability and space. Not only that, just imagine how difficult traveling with it could make. Regular razors don’t require any power but your own. So, it is portable in many other circumstances than a trimmer.​

Regardless of which method you use to shave and trim hair, there are advantages and disadvantages to all methods. It is important you pick which method is best for you and your skin. Those with sensitive skin may want to continue the traditional regular razor method as it produces fewer problems in the longer run. Buying a trimmer can be a tough decision when you consider the price, and honestly, you get what you pay for. Basically, if you buy a cheap trimmer you must expect maximum problems.

Understanding each method of shaving is important, so check out reviews and invest time in finding the right razor or trimmer that is for you. You might not want to do either and go for the most painful method of waxing, but in the end, trimmers have some serious disadvantages that must be considered.​

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