Significance Of Diabetic Eye Screening for Eye Care

diabetic eye problems

Role of Early Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy

Eyes make you see the whole world but it even requires a little care to remain healthy. You can invest some of your precious time for your most valued senses. Protecting your eyes from various diseases and infection comes at the top priority if you want healthy eyes and want it to keep working.

Diabetes is a common problem found in many people nowadays. It not only affects your body parts but it can even significantly damage your vision too. High blood sugar levels can cause Diabetic retinopathy, an eye problem that is caused to your vision if you have diabetes which can even lead to vision impairment or vision loss.

What is Diabetic Screening?

Diabetic eye screening is an eye test that helps you in detecting any problem in the eye before you observe any kind of change in your vision which is caused by diabetes. If immediate action is not taken when symptoms of Diabetic retinopathy are seen it can even cause vision loss to people who are suffering from diabetes. A yearly or monthly eye test is required to keep your eyes healthy and safe.

Importance of diabetic eye screening

When you are well aware of the fact that you are dealing with diabetes, diabetic eye screening becomes even more important to you. It helps in decreasing the risk of damage to your eyes from diabetic retinopathy. Screening your eyes at the right time can protect it from damage.

Handle with care is the price tag for the eyes and everyone must follow it. Diabetic eye screening is an integral part of diabetes care. If the symptoms of diabetic retinopathy are screened early, the problem can be cured with proper treatment and advice of an optician preventing further damage to your sight.

Diabetic Eye Disease Symptoms

As the Diabetic Eye Disease known as diabetic retinopathy is at its initial phase you will start experiencing some of its symptoms such as :

  1. Spots or something floating in your vision
  2. Blurred or foggy vision
  3. Distorted vision
  4. color blindness
  5. Dark or empty areas in your vision
  6. Vision loss
  7. Sudden change in vision
  8. Severe eye pain

Visit your eye care specialist if you notice any such symptoms for proper screening of your eyes for prescribed medication or treatment to heal from Diabetic Retinopathy as soon as possible.

What causes diabetic retinopathy?


1. High blood sugar: –

A person suffering from diabetes generally have high blood sugar which damages the tiny blood vessels in the retina and restricts the flow of blood to the retina, causing diabetic retinopathy. Keep blood sugar level should be in control to protect your sight.

2. Diabetes

Anyone suffering from diabetes is at a higher risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. The person having diabetes should visit monthly for  Diabetic Eye Screening.

3. High blood pressure

A person experiencing high blood pressure is at greater risk of disease caused by diabetes.

4. Smoking habits

It’s a well-known fact that smoking is injurious to health. Regularly smoking of tobacco can have some effects on your body resulting in an increase in blood pressure which can be one of the causes of diabetic retinopathy.

5. Cholesterol

A cholesterol check is a must to remain healthy. It is even necessary for the care of your eyes. High cholesterol can be one of the major causes of diabetic retinopathy. Eat healthy to stay healthy.

Can diabetic retinopathy be treated?

Yes, of course, it can be treated well. Each stage of diabetic retinopathy is treated in a different way. The disease can not be treated if it’s in its final stage. Still, a regular eye examination is required by the patients who are facing this disease. Laser surgery is mostly used in the treatment of diabetic eye disease if it is detected at its initial stage as it increases the oxygen supply retina. 

Prevention is always better than cure

You can always prevent your eyes. Instead of seeking treatment, a little prevention can prevent your eyes from any such disease. Prevent the risk of Diabetic retinopathy by controlling your blood glucose level as efficiently as you can. Regular appointments with an eye care specialist will be of great help in keeping blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level in control or a prescribed medication with a monthly eye screening test would be of great relief.

You must be well aware by now why Diabetic Eye Screening for eye care is necessary for healthy eyes. Some serious injuries and medical conditions can lead to vision loss and definitely, you don’t want that to happen with you. Take some time out from your busy schedules for regular eye checkups and go for the Diabetic Eye Screening test if you are facing diabetes for a very long time.

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