Dental Negligence – How to Deal With it?

Dental Negligence

Dental negligence is a particular term that is used to describe the negligence and mistakes by dentists, or any health care professional associated with dentistry. Dental malpractice claims have pursued a variety of reasons, including badly executed surgical procedures, and the prescription of wrong medication, and inaccurate diagnosis of a condition.

Every practitioner is expected to keep the health well of their patients. However, time to time, anything can happen wrong, which can lead to a compensation claim. Sometimes, these mistakes don’t have huge loss; however, in some cases, these causes can lead to severe infection. In this situation, a compensation claim for negligence can help the victim to get enough amounts.

What Dental Injury Claim Is?

A condition in which negligence claim happened when a medical practitioner was working in the dental department any mistake which causes harm to a patient.

Dental negligence is rare. However, any mistake can lead to long-lasting effects. Any severe injury caused by dental negligence can lead to permanent facial scarring. So, these cases even with minor injuries are taken very seriously and can lead to claim compensation.

Is Dental Negligence Common?

Negligence or mistakes are common in any field. Sometimes, these mistakes cause different loss according to the damage and severity. However, dental errors are infrequent, but even minor mistakes can cause lifetime trouble. According to the research, fewer than 10,000 cases there were reported per year. This shows that these cases are not common in the whole world.

The growth in cosmetic dentistry has also contributed to the rising number of dental negligence claims.

Types of dental claim Injury

Dental negligence may involve in harm to the patient, whether due to poorly performed surgeries, or failure to diagnose. This wrong diagnosis and treatment can lead to nerve damage, pulling the false tooth or failing in diagnose decay resulting in further problems.

Serious Injury

Serious injuries to the teeth of a patient can be due to the malpractice, or dental negligence. This can be caused due to poorly diagnosed, incomplete diagnose, or failure to diagnose. A dentist may also cause severe and serious infection due to unsafe practice, fail to diagnose can also cause oral cancer.

Informed Consent

Your doctor should inform their patient about all possible risks in their treatment. He should also tell the patient about any side effects of the treatment and all the risk to your health. If you were treated and were not aware of any risk by the doctor, and you face any worry, you can claim compensation.

Different causes of accidents which can lead to Dental Negligence Claim?

Dental negligence can occur due to a different number of reasons.

  •  Poorly executed surgical procedures – When a dentist perform any surgery on a patient, these surgeries can be filling a cavity and full set of implants, if something goes wrong causing an injury to the patient, then this is the valid reason to make a claim compensation
  • Badly managed anesthesia – when a surgical procedure needs the administration of either local or general anesthetic
  • Wrong diagnosis – Any wrong diagnosis can lead to a compensation claim
  • Inadequate patient care – in a dental procedure or after the dental procedure when the patient is in the under-recovery process. Any inadequate care which is due to the negligence can lead to a compensation claim

Some other causes are:

  • Delay of diagnosis
  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Oral cancer
  • Cosmetic dentistry problems
  • Restorative dentistry errors
  • Mistakes in treatment leading to the loss
  • Damage of multiple teeth

What to do after the Negligence?

If you believe that you have valid reasons or if you get any injury due to dental negligence, you can claim compensation. There are some steps you can do to report your claim and from the claim.

Have you reported the accident? After the mistake or any injury due to dental negligence, you will need to report the accident to the liable party, and if necessary, you can call the police.

You will need the medical reports to show that this negligence has caused you damage. This medical report will be confirmed as evidence to make your case strong.

The time limit to file the compensation claim is approx. Three years after the negligence incident or this time can start from when the injury or damage is spotted. However, this time limit can be changed due to various reasons.

To make your case strong, you should seek the help of an expert personal injury solicitor who has years of experience in the relevant injury field.

He can gather the proofs and also can contact the liable party. If the responsible party wants to do settlements with you, he can also help you to increase the compensation amount. A personal injury solicitor Bolton knows how to pursue the case professionally. He also knows how to prepare a case against the hospital or any other organizations.

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