Cost-Effective RCM Solution Better Than Brightree Billing Services

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Today everyone looks for a cost-effective solution for everything even in medical billing. Sunknowledge Service Inc is here aid for all your expensive medical billing solution. With our versatile team, Sunknowledge excels in performing across all major practice management/EMR/proprietary billing system and task-specific activities, only with a service charge of $7 per hour.

Though there are numerous outsourcing organizations, Sunknowledge still excels in providing 80% instant operational cost reduction with 99.9% accuracy rate and highest productive metric, which RCM organization like Brightree billing services fall short to achieve. It also guaranteed 97% highest first pass collection rate and 30% reduction in your account receivable from the first month itself, which is rare in this medical billing domain.Image result for Brightree Billing Services

How Sunknowledge better than Brightree billing service?

  • We are 70% cheaper than Brigtree billing service without compromising on our work quality.
  • We offer superior RCM support with different billing software such as OPIE, Prime Rx, Kareo, SOS, Futura, Brightree and many more.
  • We have excellent industries reference across the US

What makes Sunknowledge different?

Though there are numerous outsourcing organizations offering many benefits but Sunknowledge Service Inc is the only 360-degree RCM that offer pre-billing activities along with credential services, which no other RCM offers.

Offering a standalone/end to end service at $7 per hour for:

  • Rx Order Entry
  • Patient demographics & insurance entry
  • Product Code/Rx & Dx Entry
  • Eligibility verification/Authorization
  • Collection of complete Rx
  • Collection of documents for Auth approval
  • Submission
  • Rejection/denial management
  • A/R Follow-up

So if you are looking for a better substitute than Brightree billing services, Sunknowledge Service Inc is the perfect solution to it. Speak to our expert over a ‘no commitment call’ and leverage all Sunknowledge facilities along with a no binding contract or ‘no lockup policy’.

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