How Colon Hydrotherapy Procedure Takes Place?

Colon hydrotherapy process

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Colon hydrotherapy process

There are many pre-conceived thoughts of what colonic hydrotherapy is and we are going to attempt to enlighten you as to what is actually involved in treatment. After 1st treatment of colonic irrigation, you will feel brighter, lighter and cleansed from within.

Spa in Greenwich is offering colon irrigation treatment which detoxifies the colon from deterioration over the year. It is a very rapid, sanitary and effective treatment.

there are many advantaged of colon hydrotherapy like it instantly enhance your bowel function, get clear skin, fewer headache, stress relief by encouraging relaxation, enhance nutrient absorption, enhance energy level, helping in the cleansing of liver, kidney and blood, encouraging in weight loss and also eliminate the emotion wastes stored in the colon.  Procedure of colon hydrotherapy takes place in following ways;

Before Colon Hydrotherapy:

In colon hydrotherapy, all the waste products are eliminated. Make sure, you should be enough hydrated before taking the start of treatment. at least 8 glass of water should be up to your colon. Adding liquid chlorophyll to 3 glass of water which enhance your hydration level. You should take only a light meal on the day of treatment.

Initial treatment is just a breakdown of waste material and some abdominal massage for many people, the colon can be cleaned efficiently. It varies from person to person.

During Colon Hydrotherapy: 

The therapist starts your treatment with the consultation of past history. You are asked to put gown and paper underwear, lie down comfortably. Small, lubricated speculum equipment inserted into the colon through the rectum. This machine will start filtered your impacted waste at a controlled temperature.

The therapist may alter the temperature for breaking down more impacts on waste materials. You will feel something during the session, but it is not painful or uncomfortable. Peristaltic action will remove all waste material from the colon. The therapist may use abdominal massage in the process to move along. All the equipment is disposable in this procedure and hygienically used.

After Colon Hydrotherapy:

Common effects from people who have gotten colon hydrotherapy are feeling better and lighter, bloating is a reduction, weight reduction due to loss of wastes material, eyes are brighter, skin becomes clearer and enhances energy level. It may take a few days to resume a regular system of the colon as there has been a change of environment.

But this is not an issue, you will receive healthy evidence. One more thing, as this treatment requires lots of water, so you feel the urge to urinate again and again. It also assists in flushing out toxin’s material.

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