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Best Fitness Apps
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Android Fitness Apps for Android in 2019

If you think the gym is a necessary evil but does not motivate you at all, maybe it’s time to change strategy. Have you ever tried to train at home? Asks many less effort, time and money than a gym.

It is true that in both cases, you need determination and willpower, but there are apps that serve the dual function assist you in your training and keep you motivated to not let to the first opportunity.

Today we introduce you some of these Mocospace apps chat with new people around you that will make you incorporate physical activity and healthy diet to your daily routine with the least effort possible.

#1. You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG)

You Are Your Own Gym is an app with training programs of 10 weeks for all levels. You do not need equipment or machinery just your body, your desire and a few minutes each day.

Routines last between 25 and 36 minutes, although if one day you do not have much time you can choose the fast program to make short but intense exercises.

All you have to do is choose the program that best fits you and follows the instructions video showing how to do the exercises correctly. In just a few weeks begin to notice changes in your body.

#2. Progression

Progression is an app that can be used both by those who visit the gym regularly and for those who prefer to exercise at home. It is a tool that allows you to design customized training routines. If you are looking for predesigned programs, it is not your best option, but if you want complete control over your training sessions, you’ll love Progression.

Search from the hundreds of activities, classified by the muscle group worked, filter depending on the equipment you have available and start to design your routine.

You can choose the days for which you will perform each routine or begin a training session whenever you like. The app will record the weight and repetitions of each of your activities and generate statistics so you can monitor your progress.

#3. Seven Minute Workout

Means the most used excuse to jump off the obligation to exercise our bodies. Any of the apps on this list allows the training routines of a few minutes, but 7 Minute Workout is the best choice for those who are really busy.

Seven minutes, that’s all you need to speed up your heart and work your muscles. 7 Minute Workout includes training programs for different muscle groups (full body, abs, legs, etc.) with one common element: all are based on short but intense workouts with a total duration not exceeding seven minutes. You can choose the weekly training days on the calendar and receive reminders so you do not pass.

#4. Mammoth Hunters

Mammoth Hunters means the health also nutrition app based on these principles. After inserting information on your goals and your physical condition, the app will automatically create a training plan and a personalized diet that must continue for 10 weeks.

Training sessions are fast (between 7 and 20 minutes) and require no equipment. Each exercise includes a video demonstration of how to carry it out. Undoubtedly, one of my fitness and nutrition most complete and innovative.

#5. MyFitnessPal

Possibly the Pal program does not convince you, but by no means have to neglect your diet. There are a thousand differing approaches in nutrition, but all have the ultimate goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

MyFitnessPal can help to site anilinkz you keep track of all your meals, choose the right ingredients and quantity and eventually, help you reach your calorie goals. Of course, you can also log your workouts; get statistics on your overall progress and estimates on your physical evolution.

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