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Get the Best Examination Done with High-Quality MRI

Looking for mri scanning centers in Hyderabad? Then there are many centers to help you get the right examination of body organs. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology helps to get a detailed image of the internal organs of the body. It helps in scanning even the minute organs that are placed hidden. The precision and accuracy are great with MRI compared to other technique. The mri in Hyderabad is available in many parts of the city serving people surrounding the city.

It is important to look after certain things before getting a mri scan. You should tell your doctor if you are pregnant. This is because the harmful radiation can affect the fetus. However, if you are not pregnant, then it is completely safe as our human body can withstand a fraction of radiation. Similarly, the best mri scan center in Hyderabad will ask you about the surgeries undertaken. If any plates were placed due to fractures, then you are not allowed to do mri scan. The metals can react to electromagnetic radiation and may cause harm. Likewise, pacemakers after heart surgery patients are also not allowed to take a mri scan.

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How to Prepare for Taking a MRI Scan?

The mri scan is a simple technique and there is nothing to worry. The preparation of taking a mri is similar in all the centers taking mri in Hyderabad. If you have a phobia of taking mri scans, then you can talk about it to your doctor. He will take the necessary steps to make you feel comfortable. Other than that, there is nothing special that you should take care of.

 You can have your regular medication and do not have to stop during mri scans. The accessories like dentures, watch, glasses, and hearing equipment have to be removed while going to a mri scan. The hospital gown has to be worn in order to pass the radiation across the organs.

What is the Cost of MRI Scan in Hyderabad?

The cost of mri in Hyderabad is almost similar except for mild variations. There are different types of mri scans with respect to the regions the scan is done. The mri scan price can vary from INR 3000 to INR 12000 which totally depends on the region. The screening mri in Hyderabad ranges between INR 3500 and INR 4000. You can contact the centers to know about the prices they ask for performing a mri scan.

Major Types of MRI Scans in Hyderabad

There are different types of mri scans that are done in Hyderabad depending on the location of the ailment. If there are a fracture or muscle ailments, then there are separate mri for that. The mri for brain scanning is different from other MRI’s. Following are the different types of mri scans taken in Hyderabad

  • Angiogram: The blood vessels abnormalities in the brain, neck, lungs, and heart can be examined through angiogram mri. It is called Magnetic Resonance Angiogram and is commonly known as MRA. If you suffer from heart diseases, narrowing of the aorta, or any other blood vessel-related issues, then your doctor can appoint you to take an MRA. It is available in many best mri scan centers in Hyderabad.
  • Ankle: It helps in examining the soft bones at the ankle area. This helps in clearing the doubts regarding pain in joint spaces and during fractures. It gives a clear-cut image of the portion of the bones that helps in examination of the ailment. This is where the treatment is provided specifically to make the patients be normal. Injury diagnosis is done with the help of ankle MRI to examine tissues and cartilages.
  • Face: The injuries at face and neck can be examined through face MRI. This examination is available in many centers of mri in Hyderabad. The anatomy will be displayed using the mri and is great for surgeries in sense organs. Any tumors, inflammation, infection, and disorders in the neck can be analyzed and treated easily. The extra growth in nose and sinus can be detected accurately with the help of nose MRI.
  • Brain: It is a painless test to know and examine the minute particles of the brain using MRI. It helps in examining the disorder of nerves or cerebral activity that leads to many mental disorders in patients. Any injuries to the head are immediately checked with an MRI to see any damages happened. This help in preventing any disorder that might occur in the future. The mri scan helps to detect various brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, traumatic injuries, and other serious infections. It helps the doctors to examine accurately the issue and help in providing treatments.
  • Spine: The best mri scan center in Hyderabad will help you get the detailed report of your spine, its functions, and functioning of cerebral spinal fluid. It shows the spine with ligaments, detects various bones, disks, and spinal contents. The compression in nerves of the spine can cause pain and this ailment can be accurately examined with the help of Spine MRI. During surgeries at spine, any steroids and injections done at spine are usually done under the mri scan guidance.
  • Abdomen: The renal failure, duct diseases, enlarged liver, and other abdominal issues can be examined and treated with the help of abdominal MRI. The tumors in the gall bladder and any other malicious growth at abdomen can be detected and treated immediately. This is very useful to prevent cancer growths.

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There are many scan centers that do mri in Hyderabad. It is important to choose a scan center suggested by doctors as they will provide the results without delay. If you are in a situation to choose a mri scan center of your own, then try to find the center with 3 Tesla mri scan equipment. It helps in examining faster with less emission of radiation and hence improving the accuracy.

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