9 Reasons why Online Doctor Booking makes a Lot of Sense of 2020

Getting medical attention has become the norm in 2020. While a majority of the global populace is still smarting under the threats and presumptuous ill-effects of the pandemic, other medical issues and conditions are being identified daily, thereby making individuals even more vulnerable. Increased detection of medical issues is also putting excessive pressure on the global healthcare system, an issue that can only be addressed with online doctor booking and other speedier forms of online scheduling.

How does Online Dr. Booking work?

With physical distancing expected to follow us into 2021 and beyond, the concept of getting medical help and connecting with physicians is also expected to change in the near future. Online scheduling is one such introductory approach presented by certain credible healthcare firms, allowing you to book a doctor appointment from the comfort of your home.

As much as this sounds way too good to be true, booking a dr. online does come with its share of advantages, including:

Faster Appointments

Booking a doctor online allows you to stay one step ahead of the offline patients, courtesy of a reduced number of tokens, and restricted physical access to the chamber. You can go to platforms like Bajaj Finserv Health to search for the best doctors as per your needs.

Condition-Based Booking

Online dr. booking allows you to be flexible with the selections. This means you can always log onto the platform, select the concerned ailment, and book an appointment based on your individual preferences. Besides, you can pre-book the slot timings for consultations with a single touch of the interface, unlike offline scheduling that often ends in queue management.

Unmatched Convenience

Online booking also opens doors to online consultations, if and when necessary. This means the patient can either opt for a teleconsultation or video call to show reports and get advice or even consider physical visits to the clinic or diagnostic centers, if and when necessary.

Zero Waiting Time

Offline bookings can be tricky as the timeframe of consultations isn’t always concrete. However, clinics with online dr. booking platform provides fixed time slots to the patients which allow them to visit the center at the given hour of the day. This approach minimizes waiting time and even negates crowd build-up, thereby adhering to the principles of social distancing and staggered consultations.

Minimizes No-Shows

Doctors are often pressed for time and, therefore, online scheduling helps them manage patients better whilst minimizing no shows. Besides, online appointments often require upfront fee payments which inadvertently makes the patients value the time of the doctor by appearing as per the allotted time frame.

Cuts out Physical Forms Completely

2020 has been a year of minimal touches and excessive usage of hand sanitizers. Therefore, if and when you book an appointment online, you end up filling the requisite form directly onto your device and submitting the same as a record. This approach, therefore, eliminates the requirement of the formal pen-and-paper approach.

Makes Feedback and Service Monitoring Possible

Booking online medical consultations are better as they open newer opportunities concerning better feedback management. Once the online consultation session is over where you book a doctor online about the conditions and the possible treatment pathway, an automated intimation pops onto the device and asks for your unbiased opinion and feedback regarding the recently concluded session. This approach helps service providers maintain the highest possible service quality.

Helps to Save the Medical History on a Single Go

You can keep your prescriptions and other medical documents saved with Bajaj Finserv Health App. It will help you to avoid the hustle of searching for the documents related to medical history before visiting your physician.

Affordable and Convenient:

Medical services in India are evolving along with time. Many companies are providing several benefits for healthcare needs. For example, you can also opt for Aarogya care plans to get medical insurance along with some other benefits like discounts on OPD consultation and a dedicated relationship manager to assist you with your medical needs.

Online doctor booking, without a doubt, is the key to an automated future that relies more on savings, round the clock support, continued services, packaged deals, enhanced levels of user-friendliness, and unmatched mobility. Besides, healthcare facilities that have already transitioned to online platforms are better placed when it comes to getting adequate levels of patient attention, in the near future.

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