5 Ways You Can Support Your Partner Through Mental Illness

Support Your Partner Through Mental Illness

Mental illness among adults is rapidly increasing. Today, it has become more common than leading problems like cancer and heart diseases. But did you know that this mental illness can creep into your relationship and devastate it completely?

Depression, Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are all signs of this condition that demoralize the good mental health and lead to misunderstandings, arguments and heartbreaks in a relationship.

If you can relate to this problem, here are 5 ways you can support your partner through this problem and regain your happily-ever-after.

It’s time to bring the change!

People suffering from mental illness are unable to think wisely. The problems in their head, tend to increase in such rapid numbers that the only thing that they can sometimes think of is committing suicide.

As victims of mental illness, most people long for love, understanding, and cooperation. When these three factors amalgamate to provide them comfort, chances are that the illness will dissolve immediately.

Research about the condition

You cannot promise to heal them until you know HOW to heal them. Every mental illness is not the same. Each of them widely distinguishes from one another and so do their cure. Researching their illness will give you a clear idea about the gist of their condition so that you can treat them accordingly.

Research about the different cures of their illness, why the problem has occurred and what can be done to prevent such a condition from a re-bounce. It will not just help you disable this illness in them but also barricade its growth forever.

Address them with patience

Communication has always been a quintessential method of resolving ugly situations in a relationship. If you and your partner are regularly going through problems, conversations led by patience can be a life-saviour.

Isolate yourselves in a comfortable space where no one can disturb you both. Talk about your problems and their mistakes one by one. Don’t blame them at all. It might worsen the fight. Instead, speak in a tone that reflects your concern for the two of you. The more patient you are, the better will be the response.

Know what’s on their mind

Communication isn’t a one-way thing. If it does not come as equally from the other end, it doesn’t make sense anyway. If you have unravelled your perspective to them and confess your feelings about this relationship, it is important to give them enough time to convey their feelings. 

Listen to their problems carefully. Understand what you do, that might be suffocating them or worsening matters for them before it becomes too late. Give them space to share their problems. Don’t raise too many questions or try to make it complicated for them to solve. Remember, they are not in their best of shape at the moment.

Outstretch your arms for them

A mentally ill person might feel a lot better if you outstretch your arms to support them in their worst breakdowns. If they are struggling with the disease, the first thing that can cast almost an immediate (better) effect is the reassurance to have someone who understands them and is willing to stand by the side until the end.

Remember to support them unconditionally. Offer help to them. Remind them that they are not alone in any phase of their life. Make them feel that this is a two-way thing. Go with them when they need a consultation of any kind. It may be a visit to a sex consultant or to a psychiatrist . Be there for them when they need you the most.

Highlight the good things

Focusing on the good things in life always promotes one’s healthy living. If you constantly remind them of the good memories that you’ve had together or keep motivating them to cope with their condition, it won’t be too late when the mental illness will say goodbye forever.

Bolstering their energy to engage in fun activities or try out new hobbies can also lend great help. This way, they will not only learn to cope with the problem but will pay less attention to their illness which will galvanize their bodies for other improvised activities.

Your partner demands all your strength, courage and love to pull them out of their mental condition. Don’t lose hope. Don’t let them lose hope either. If the determination stands rock-solid, your relationship will totally return to its track with flying colors.

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