Everything you need to know about bow shooting

bow shooting

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The dream and aspiration of everyone that shows interest in archery is to be able to shoot like Robin Hood. Archery is an outdoor sport that requires skills and techniques to perform excellently.

You can’t just lay your hands on any bow and start shooting. You need to learn the basis and fundamental principle that guides bow shooting.

What do you need for bow shooting?

  • Quality Bow

You need any of the best longbow for beginners for practice to help you through your quest of becoming an excellent archer. There are many bows in the market from different brands.

Therefore choosing the right one for you might be quite challenging to do, which is why you need the experts to help you choose the perfect one for you.

  • Arrow

Not all bows in the market come with a quality arrow; some require that you purchase separately, it is essential that you choose a quality one which will last longer, thereby eliminating any need for you to buy arrows often for practice.

Types of bow shooting

There are just two types of bow shooting that you should know, and they are instinctive and sight shooting.

  • Instinctive bow shooting

Shooting a bow without any enhancement is known as instinctive shooting. This act is seen among the experts as they have garnered experience through a lot of practices and training on how to aim at a target without missing an inch.

It is quite hard for a beginner to start archery or bow shooting with an intuitive method. Aiming at the target will be an uphill, and it can turn out to be a turn off for such individuals involved.

  • Sight bow shooting

It is the form of shooting at a target while you have a bow sight or peep sight on the bow. The function of the sight is to ensure you can be accurate with your shooting as you have a more unobstructed view of your target irrespective of the distance.

However, there are many types of bow sights in the market from a one pin bow sight to many pin bow sights. Beginners are advised to start their bow shooting trains using a one pin bow sight compared to multiple pin sights.

Multiple pin bow sights are perfect for the advanced players and those who know how to change pin for a different type of shooting. Once you have the pin attached to the bow, you can easily aim at your target by looking straight at the target through the lens and shoot accurately.

Extras Needed for Accurate Bow Shooting

As beginners, you need some extra gears that will help you through the phase of learning bow shooting. There are many numbers of them, but we will share two with you, such as stabilizer and targets.

  • Stabilizer

As the name implies, it is a device that helps to ensure that you have the bow in the right position for accurate shooting. As a beginner, it will be quite difficult for you to handle the bow, which is why you need a stabilizer to help you get a balance position while you aim at your target.

  • Target

It is never appropriate for you to shoot into thin air to become a perfect archer. You need to aim at a target, and that will help you become the shooter you’ve always desired to become. Target is the best to consider for your shooting practice.

You can get any target in the market and learn shooting in your backyard. There are many types in the market, but my preferred choice has been the 3D targets as it almost gives you a real-life experience of shooting at any animal.

Most 3D comes with an animal design, and you can choose based on your interest and budget.


All these are important information you need to know about bow shooting if indeed you have unwavering interest and desire in archery. Some choose archery as a hobby, some as a sport and some as a profession.

Whichever category you fall into, you have to start with learning how you can handle your bow and shoot it accurately to have a good record of being a great archer.

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