Glass Board Vs Traditional Board – Which is The Best for Your Space?

Glass Board Vs Traditional Board

Are you looking to revamp your office or your school with something modern, easy to use, and refreshingly motivating to look at?

Well, technology has solved much of your interior woes and new glass boards are all the rage these days. So, if you are excited to change your office’s interior, one of the best options is the installation of a glass board. 

Usage of Boards

Using a glass dry erase board in School, offices or homes is a perfect way to add oomph to literally any space. It may appear as if boards can only be used in schools or colleges but there is more to it. Surprisingly but truly, boards can be a perfect way to decorate any room in your house. Whether you want to use a glass board or a traditional blackboard, it is up to you. You can utilize these boards to place some of your favorite pictures from your childhood and present.

In addition, kids can be taught at home using these boards. Many children have trouble completing their homework.  Mothers can utilize these boards to create a school-like atmosphere so that the children are able to participate actively. Similarly, this board can be used to paste important notes. For example, if a husband and wife have a calendar or souvenirs from every country they travel to, these boards can be helpful.

Further, offices make great use of boards. To assure that every employee sees the important notes and deadlines, these can be pasted on the glass board as well. It is a super-effective way of communication and does not even require some high-tech power. Furthermore, managers can use these boards to delegate work to their staff. They can write instructions on them or can easily draw task processes on the board. Sounds interesting, no?

On the other hand, glass dry erase boards are a school or college’s top favorite. Glass boards are strong. Any material posted on them is not easily removable. Hence, it is every institute’s favorite. Instructors love to do some brainstorming on these boards. Other than that, instructors can use these glass dry erase boards to highlight important points made by students. Moreover, summaries of the readings can also be posted on these boards. No wonder, instructors all over the world love using boards!
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Comparison of Glass Boards and Traditional Boards

Glass Board:

  • Advantages

Glass boards are everyone’s favorite. Let us find out why. So, glass boards are one easy way to add some style to any space. They have a unique appearance which makes a room look spacious and classy. The sleek and glossy look of a glass board makes it super desirable. Moreover, glass boards do not have huge frames to support them, unlike traditional boards.

This aspect gives them compatibility with modern interior designs. To our utter delight, glass boards can be found in a wide variety of colors. From black to blue, from a clear glass board to one in color red, you can find as many colors as you want. Depending on your taste and preference, you can opt for a matte or shiny glass board.

A glass writing board is especially useful in places where it has to be used on a daily basis. The smooth texture of a glass board allows the information written on it to be removed easily.  A roughly textured glass board for daily use will cause your work to be doubled. Plus, there will be no fun at work. We are sure you do not want more hassle in your already chaotic lives, right? Guess what? Glass Boards do not even stain or streak, which makes its visibility much better. Imagine! Smoother texture and a perfect view, what else does one want?

Surprisingly, glass boards are frequently used in hospitals too. These boards often remain clean and their surface is difficult to scratch. These abilities allow the glass boards to not attract much bacteria. As you must know, hospitals have to be extremely careful about hygiene. Hence, glass boards are one utile solution to all hospital’s hygiene problems.

Glass boards are also super durable. They are constructed using a tempered glass which is almost ten times stronger than ordinary glass. The standoffs used to support the glass boards are super strong. Believe us or not, but you will find out on your own. You can decorate them in any way you please, and you will be happy to notice how sturdy they are. Glass boards can be used for as long as one wants to. They do not wear off easily.

  • Disadvantages

Although glass boards are mostly useful, everything in this world has its pros and cons. And all the good things in life come at a price. The case of glass boards is somewhat similar. So, glass dry erase boards can cost more than a traditional board. But would you rather pay more once, or keep paying frequently because of bad quality boards? We suggest, invest once and take advantage of its sturdiness for a lifetime.

The installation process is another important aspect of a glass board.  We will delve into this process in depth. But it is important to know that you will require a professional to help you install a glass board. Unlike traditional boards, it is very difficult to install a glass board by yourself. So, get ready to acquire some help.

Traditional Board:

  • Advantages

A traditional board is super cheap as compared to a glass board. Hence, the lower set up costs and the lower maintenance costs can help you save lots. Traditional boards are often used as writing boards that require chalk. Now, chalk is extremely easy to sustain. It does not dry out and is cheap to find.

Traditional boards can be easier to view even where there is a source of direct sunlight. Sometimes, due to the light, glass boards reflect, causing inconvenience to some viewers.

  • Disadvantages

Material written previously can be worn off as you write more. This can create a constant struggle for the instructor as well as the children. Someone who is easily irritated by certain voices will understand this. Traditional boards often require chalk to write on them. These chalks can produce squeaky noises that can be extremely irritable for some people. Moreover, chalk creates dust, and some people can turn out to be allergic to it. We are sure you do not want such troubles for yourself or the people around you!

The Durability of Both Type of Boards

Glass dry erase boards are absolutely durable! Along with that, they are environmentally friendly too! Glass board is made up of tempered glass. This material is very hard to break and is super utile. On the contrary, a traditional board is also somewhat durable. It does not break easily but is relatively prone to scratches and evident wear and tear.

Installation Process of a Glass Board and a Traditional Board

It is recommended to acquire a professional for this process, however, note that installing a glass board is not too difficult. However, to install a glass board you will require some standoffs, a drill, a level, a tape measure, a blue tape, and a screwdriver. The key is to measure the glass board and then to find the exact measurements and a place where you want to install it. Next, start drilling and place in the wall anchors.

Further, place in the standoffs and insert the thread studs. Remember to use your hand for this part. Finally, hang your board and Voila, you are ready to go!

Using a hammer, a marker, a level, safety glasses and a drill, a traditional board can be installed. First of all, mark the desired height and choose the dimensions you want. Using a drill, make the holes required and attach the clips to the wall. Remember, the number of clips at the bottom and at the top should be the same. Once, checked thoroughly, place the traditional board on the wall and enjoy it!

Cleaning Process of both the Boards

A glass board is easy to clean. All you need is a microfiber cloth and some glass cleaner. Spray the glass cleaner onto the glass board and then clean thoroughly using a microfiber cloth. We dare you to believe us, you will be amazed to see how clean it can get in literally no time. Avoid using intense glass cleaners, they can cause streaking on the glass board and we are sure you just want it to be squeaky clean!

Similarly, for the traditional board, use any soft piece of cloth soaked in detergent water to clean the board. No detergent should be left on the board.  To assure no residue is left, use a clean cloth soaked in water to rinse after cleaning with detergent water.

Cost of these boards

Although the price of a glass board or a traditional board varies according to its size. But a small-sized glass board would cost anything around 600 RM. And a mini classroom traditional board would cost around $2.7 So, it is a perfect comparison of how different the prices can be.

We absolutely recommend the use of new forms of glass boards. They are a perfect way to keep up with modern trends. In addition, they also make one’s life easier. We understand how people in the modern era have limited time and more chaotic lives. So, worry not! Glass boards are one way to ease your life woes!

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