6 Types of Crop Tops to Include in the Wardrobe This Summer!

Crop Tops to Include in the Wardrobe This Summer

Crop Tops to Include in the Wardrobe This Summer

Crop tops are of various styles and designs, and all of them have taken the fashion industry by the storm. They are comfortable, stylish, easily available, and versatile. These reasons have attributed to its huge demand in the market. Here are some of the top 6 crop top styles that are ideal for summers.

T-shirt crop-

This is the classiest crop tops of all. They are popular all around the globe as they serve a plethora of body types in flattering ways. Its versatility goes beyond suiting all shapes. Just like t-shirts for women, T-shirt crop tops are highly comfortable and stylish. People with curves can choose one size bigger than their normal size while purchasing t-shirt crop tops. They can be paired with skinny denim and flats. It can also be worn with an oversized pair of pants and sneakers.

Criss-cross crop-

Criss-cross crop has angular cuts which demands confidence while wearing it. This top is ideal for those with a long torso. Criss-cross crop tops accentuate the chest. As criss-cross tops are often tight, a looser bottom must be chosen. This can include wide-legged pants like culottes or palazzos. Moreover, the bottom must be kept simple as the attention is drawn to the top.

Button-up crop-

Button-up women crop tops are ideal for small-chested or long-legged women to be worn as office wears. They can be paired with high-waisted bottoms to make it more work appropriate. Short and loose button-up crop tops serve a beautiful way to accentuate the waist (especially if worn with a pencil skirt.) They can also be worn with cropped, wide-leg boyfriend pants with less than 2 inches of ankle showing.

Crop tank-

Crop tanks were a major hit in the ‘90s. Many celebrities including Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston were seen flaunting it; which attracted a lot of audience towards the top. The key to looking good in this attire is by ensuring that the gap between the waistband and the base of the top does not exceed two-finger space. Front-knot crop tanks look incredibly stylish with a mid-length skirt and a pair of sneakers.

Long-line crop-

Long-line crop tops are sleeveless crop tops that accentuate the shoulders and arms. Long-line designer crop tops allow a person to emphasize on the accessories. It is an easy piece of dress to dress down or dress up according to the mood. For a corset-style look, long-line crop tops can also be layered over simple button-up shirts. As they are deep-necked and sleeveless, long-line crop tops can be accessorized easily with the help of long earrings or statement necklaces. Matching long-line crop tops and bottoms are exceptionally stylish as well.

Long-sleeved crop-

Beginners who are rather shy about wearing crop tops can start by wearing long-sleeved tops. Moreover, it is perfect during colder weather conditions if paired with a high-waisted pant. It complements every shape and size.

These were the top 6 crop top styles that are ideal for summer. These can even be worn in the colder climatic conditions if paired with stockings, jackets, and boots. They can also be worn for more than one type of occasion if adorned wisely. All these styles are easily available online at reasonable prices.

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