This Wedding Season, Gift the Perfect Engagement Ring that Reflects Your Partner’s Personality

Wedding Season, Gift the Perfect Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring that reflects your partner’s personality is a sign of unconditional love. Your partner will love you for this gesture and it will grow your relationship in leaps and bounds. 

Coming to your partner’s personality, you are the best person to understand it. You will mostly be observing his or her traits when you both meet up in the courtship period. And if you already knew each other before the wedding was arranged, it’s all the better. 

However, buying a good engagement ring (that reflects your partner’s personality) is not a solo activity. You will be easily overwhelmed after going through the thousands of designs and ring types at an online jewelry store.

It’s best to have a guide along with you and this blog is just that. Whether you are a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be, this post will tell you how to match the ring style and your partner’s personality. Personality, in this context, indicates the style of your partner. 

We’ll first tell you the suggestions for men’s rings and then it’s the bride’s turn.

Buying Rings for Your Prince Charming

Let’s find out which ring style suits what type of men.

The Smart Casual Man

If your fiance is of this type, his dressing sense would mostly be a half elegant style or otherwise office style. This type of man wears the button-down collar, spread or collar kent (forward-point). If we consider additions to the shirt, he might wear a tie or knit. 

Avoid gifting overly classy rings to such men. A flat black titanium wedding band will go along with your partner’s style if he is of this type. It will complement his personality well.

The Elegant Man

This type of man dresses extremely well and has a good fashion quotient. He is outspoken and experiments with his apparel and clothing style. Now, such a man will definitely want his personality to shine through an engagement or wedding ring. 

By now, after reading these three sentences, you might have already guessed the ring style. It’s gold. There’s nothing more shiny and elegant than this gemstone. 

When buying gold wedding rings for men, pick the correct diamond type. Most of us go wrong in this first stage itself. You should understand the basics of carat weight, brilliance in cut, the color of the gemstone and purity of clarity. All of these impact the value of the diamond you choose.

We could break down men’s personality in many other types. Mostly, they would be a sub-personality of these two types. Accordingly, you can buy tungsten, palladium, ceramic or other styles. 

So that was all for men’s rings and now we’ll talk about buying rings for the beautiful bride.

Buying Rings for Your Bride-to-be

You need to keep an additional thing in mind when buying engagement rings for the woman who stole your heart. A woman’s personality is shaped not just by her style, but also by her overall emotions. We’ll take a look at the following personality types based on both these aspects. 

The Confident and Edgy Woman

If your partner radiates a vibe of 100% confidence and can hold her own, an emerald cut diamond is the best choice. Its unique look is created by step cuts of its pavilion and you will find a large open table at the top. This cut offers dramatic long lines, a hall-of-mirror effect, and elegant appeal. 

Elegant Style and Traditional Values

A classic solitaire design suits this type of woman best. It’s indeed timeless and shows the center diamond without any distraction. Basically, solitaires are designs with one center diamond. They are the most sought-after style when it comes to buying engagement rings. The most traditional solitaire consists of a plain metal band. You can think of a basket setting or a trellis design to complement the piece with more elegance. If you want to experiment with glamour, place a row of diamond accents on the band.

Delicately Feminine

If your princess is pretty and delicate, she deserves something extraordinary. Pick a thin band, preferably in white gold with a circular or near-circular diamond (cushion, round, radiant). A halo design will give this jewelry an added effect.

The Modern Woman

A modern woman will fall in love with a princess cut ring style. You can choose between white gold, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold bands. These can be set in solitaire, with accents, or as a three-stone style. 

A Final Word

It doesn’t matter if you are buying gold wedding rings for men or other elegant jewelry for some special occasion, do the shopping together. By doing so, you will get to know more about each other’s tastes with respect to jewelry. On a romantic note, this will give you a reason to spend more time with each other. As you know, buying the perfect engagement for your partner is not a matter of few minutes. They can stretch to many hours together. With that being said, it’s time to conclude this blog. Wishing you and your partner loads of happiness. Take care!

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