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Beautiful Mehendi Designs For Your Hands

The fragrance of Mehendi is in the air, half of the people are dancing and half of the people are bobbing there head to the peppy music. Auntys and young girls are swarming around you to get a small peek of that magnificent Mehndi design. And there you are, trying to not move your itchy hands and feet.

Yes, we are talking about your Mehndi day, where you will be the highlight of the day!   But let’s rewind it a bit. So, if you are here then we can assume that you are looking for your wedding Mehendi designs.

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Today we will solve your Mehendi issues and help you get that Mehendi right!

Top #5 Trendy Mehndi Styles!

  1. Arabic Mehndi

This is one of the best Mehendi designs that is applied as a bridal Mehndi. This Mehndi design is applied diagonally or in a particular direction of the hand. Here, the designs are usually repetitive and very neatly made. In this type of Mehndi, the design covers the hand partially.

  1. Bharwa Mehndi

The opposite of Arabic Mehndi design is the Bharwa Mehndi design. In this, the motifs cover the whole hand.  The word ‘Bharwa’ means the full coverage of the designs of a hand. Here to make the designs look organized, the motifs are usually made symmetrical. This Mehendi looks best with solid color clothes with fewer designs.

  1. Jewelry Mehndi

In this, the Mehendi designs are made in a way that they appear as jewelry. This Mehendi design is very popular these days. In this, you can make rings, bangles, kamarbandh, haath phool, any kind of jewelry you wish to make. These jewelry designs are surrounded by normal Mehendi motifs.

  1. Moroccan Mehndi

This bridal Mehendi design is very geometric and symmetrical in style. Moroccan Mehndi designs look the best because of the minimalistic look. This Mehendi is really easy to make and gives you a very cut look as well!

  1. Drawing Mehndi

This Mehendi style is a very recent invention. Drawing Mehendi or also called the portrait Mehndi has portraits of the bride or a groom or both of them together. This can be experimented more by getting the actual photographs of the couple made. A lot of time this Mehndi design is backed up with meaningful texts too.

How to darken your Mehndi?

This is one of the most asked questions related to Mehndi. The uncertainty of a Mehndi’s color keeps a lot of brides worried but don’t worry we have a very easy solution for you

  1. Let the Mehndi dry for a long time

Leaving it applied for twelve to thirteen hours is the best way to get a darker shade of Mehndi. People usually get impatient and remove it within a few hours. You must let it dry overnight and then rub it off.

  1. Lemon and sugar solution

In this method, you have to take half a tablespoon of sugar and one tablespoon and mix them together. After this, you must dab it on the Mehndi design. Your hand might seem sticky but this will make the henna leave a beautiful impression.

  1. Vicks

This is one of the easiest methods. In this, you must apply the ointment called Vicks on the Mehndi design. A lot of people prefer this method because it calms the itchy area where Mehndi is applied.

  1. Avoid water and soap

This is not a method but a precaution; avoiding water and soap can help the impression of the design to bind with your skin firmly. Water and soap can dissolve the henna and wash it away, so it should be avoided when the henna is applied.

  1. Mustard oil

Mustard oil should be applied after the Mehndi designs have dried up and six to seven hours before removing the dry henna. You can re-apply it according to your convenience as well.

We hope these Mehndi ideas will help you decide on a beautiful design and the tips will help you get a beautiful color of the Mehendi! If you are worried about where to find the professional Mehndi artists; then visit the official website of Shaadidukaan, India’s fastest

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