Different Ways Of Wearing Bandana That Will Make You Look Like A Rockstar

Different Ways Of Wearing Bandana That Will Make You Look Like A Rockstar

The bandana is one of the classic and timeless accessories for men. Despite being a simple item, it is very versatile. You can wear a bandana in many ways to add a stylish edge to your looks. You don’t need to be a biker to wear this small, simple yet style-defining accessory for men. It is suitable for any gentleman if you wear it the right way. Whether you are going for a smart casual event, attend a festival or it’s a weekend gathering, it can be a perfect addition to your outfit. So, let’s see the different ways a bandana can make you look like a style icon.


It is a large piece of cloth that can be in a triangular or square shape. It is also known as a kerchief. Traditionally, a bandana goes over the head or around the neck for decorative or protective purposes. Both men and women can wear a bandana in different ways. You can buy elastic bandanas and wear them around the wrist and you can use it as a pocket square as well. If you explore a website selling wholesale elastic bandanas, you will find that classic bandanas come in different colours and combinations of colours. Your options are more than just a bandana featuring a white paisley print. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, patterns, colours, and sizes.

Different Ways Of Wearing Bandana

Following are the different ways a bandana can define your looks:

a). Around the neck

b).  Around the head

c). Around the wrist

d). From the waist

e). As a pocket square

This is the easiest way of wearing a bandana. Whether it is a casual occasion or a smart casual occasion, wearing it around the neck works for every gentleman. Let it go around the neck and tie a knot at the back or front.

Around the head

Tie it around your neck for a more rock-and-roll look. This is the favourite look of many musicians as it helps in making a style statement that is ideal for a bold man. You can wear it with a cool streetwear outfit.

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Around the wrist

You can tie it around your wrist in a simple and stylish way. This way of wearing a bandana adds a little attitude to any outfit. This will give you perfect edgy casual looks.

From the waist

This is a subtle way to use a bandana with a casual outfit. Wearing it around your neck or on the head becomes an instant style statement. However, if you don’t want your outfit to appear overly bold and want to add a pop of colour, wear it from your waist.

As a pocket square

Using it as a pocket square is perfect for a smart casual occasion. Just fold it and place it. Make sure that it matches your outfit.

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