Top Jewelry Trends That Are Grabbing Millennials’ Attention

Top Jewelry Trends

Today’s millennial woman expects a lot from her jewelry. With increased choices, there is ample of jewelry design options available today. From glitzy gemstone rings to contemporary gold necklace sets, millennial women are experimenting with all major jewelry trends to put their best look forward.

But few jewelry trends assure a high dose of fashion and ought to be there on every millennial women’s radar. So, let me introduce you to some of the exotic jewelry trends for millennial women.

  1. Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are all in rage this year. From dainty pieces to large bold ones, there are endless options to put your fashion sense to test. These rings provide you plenty of space for customization. The stackable rings are grabbing Millenials attention due to their subtle statement. They allow you to wear multiple bands on a single finger and be easily coordinated with all kinds of ensembles.

  1. Chokers and Collars

This year chokers and collars are the go-to necklace pieces for millennial women. Having a solid comeback from the 90’s era, these heirloom pieces have become a hot favorite. Collars and Chokers are the tight-fitting neck accessories with timeless elegance and luxe appeal. These necklace designs boast of a vast collection. There are almost endless options for both contemporary and traditional attires.

  1. Multilayered necklaces

For millennial women, layering is a new fashion definition. Notably, in neck ornaments, the trend is taking center stage. Layering accessories add texture to your appearance. Opting for longer pendant necklace and then pairing it with a choker takes up things to the next level. It tends to jazz up your appearance and makes you an attention seeker. Further, to adapt to your ensembles, you can always try for different combinations.

  1. Multicolored stones

Another trend that is taking the millennial fashion world by storm is the colored stone jewelry. Millennials are exploring their creativity by opting for multicolored stone sterling silver and gold jewelry. The stone encrusted jewelry can comfortably dress up any outfit. Whether rings, necklaces, or earrings, stones can be found embedded in all contemporary ornament designs. The precious stones accord you an exquisite charm and add an accent to your overall appearance.

  1. Mismatched earrings

Millennial ladies admire making bold choices. And the same implies to their fashion sense. This year, the trend for mismatched earrings is making a huge impact. Millennial women are trying chunkier options such as pairing a drop with a stud earring or wearing just a broad statement earring. Large, bold earrings are currently becoming more popular.

Final words

These are some of the trends ruling the fashion world. Besides this, there are plenty of options available out there. There are tons of new trends, making a debut in the fashion arena which millennials need to focus on. However, the trends mentioned earlier are timeless. They are meant to stay here for long and don’t seem to fade anytime soon.

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