Need For Dandruff Shampoo For Men

Hairs are the best accessory worn by a person which also acts as an epicentre for the overall appearance of everyone. Even having no hair at all is also trendy and a personal choice but the scalp’s health is paramount for all. Good cell turnover is the result of a clean scalp which promotes and gives a healthy environment for proper hair growth. Along with women, these days’ men are also growing their attention towards hair growth and scalp health and the most common scalp problem these days is dandruff which can be distressing and difficult to treat, but help is available by using a good dandruff shampoo for men in India.

  1. Dandruff is a situation of the scalp, in which it becomes itchy and flaky, making the scalp inflamed and filled with white bits. Although exact causes are not known, some of the reasons for dandruff are: –


  1. Seborrheic dermatitis – It is a common skin disease that causes itchiness, irritation, flaky and oily skin which results in dandruff.
  2. Improper shampooing- Oil and dirt accumulate on the skin and builds dandruff if shampooing is not enough. Another reason could be shampoo is not strong enough to break down the oil barriers contributing towards dandruff.
  3. Yeast- People intolerant to yeast have a quite higher chance of getting dandruff. Another reason could be UVA light from sun counteracting yeast.
  4. Allergies- From wheatgrass to raisins, people can be allergic to a variety of substances. Ingredients in haircare products may cause dandruff, if not suited.
  5. Mental stress- Many skin-related issues are due to mental stress and the same could be the case with dandruff.
  6. Diet- As our body is made of what we eat, not consuming a proper diet involving zinc, vitamin B, and other nutrients may increase the risk of dandruff.


  1. Natural and organic treatments never go wrong, here are some home remedies to treat dandruff:-
  1. Rinsing off with Apple cider vinegar.
  2. A Mixture of Coconut oil with lemon.
  3. A Paste of soaked fenugreek seeds and water.
  4. Applying curd.
  5. Crushed neem leaves paste.
  1. For curing dandruff, a few other methods are:-
  1. Moisturize- Locking moisture to the scalp can help with itchiness.
  2. Drilling over proper hygiene and avoid scratching- Scratching can result in increased irritation, which can inflame the production of dandruff.
  3. Relax- Stress may exaggerate or worsen dandruff for some, so it’s important to stay calm. To help the situation practicing yoga could be a savior.
  4. Use lukewarm water- Piping-hot water may result in the dry scalp which in turn possibly damages the hair.
  5. Going easy with the styling- if the styling of hair is more often, then extra care must be taken to deep cleanse the scalp and remove any dirt or residue that arose due to sprays and gels.


Accordingly, if considering the one main factor for a healthy scalp, it will be, picking up the right product which suits the scalp is very essential. Also, men should not just use any shampoo readily available to them, instead, they should search for the right product which helps in controlling excess sebum production. With such advancements these days it is very easy to find the best dandruff shampoo for men India. Thus healthy scalp provides healthy follicle which in turn promotes dandruff-free scalp along with strong hair.

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