Look Prettier and Elegant by Wearing Straight Bundles with Closure!


To enhance their looks and personality, women these days use hair extensions and wigs readily available in the market. Closures or top pieces are also appropriate for women recovering from a type of hair loss or a period of continuous styling. Body wave bundles with closure not only provide you added volume and length but also keep your natural hair safe underneath. A closure is a threaded hairpiece with virgin hair strands sewn on top of a finished cornrow base. When fixed properly, no one can figure out that you’re actually wearing temporary weaves. Since it blends well with your natural scalp, you may also part the hair anywhere, similar to how you do with your original locks. Straight hair with closure gives the opportunity it gives for optimum styling without damaging your real hair. You can even dye, bleach, and perm the closure while your original hair is braided and covered.

Following the well-known features of hair bundles with closure:

  1. Hair closure is available in either silk or lace material. However, consumers mostly prefer lace ones because it is thinner and creates an even appearance on your scalp. Hence, you do not have to worry about the line of demarcation or the visible area between the hairpiece and your crown. They only require a slight retightening frequently.
  2. They can be installed either through the use of glue or headband. Gluing the hair bundles is easiest yet the riskiest method, only suitable for quick purposes. You must use a protective solution to your scalp before sewing the weaves to prevent the glue from drying directly on your fringes.
  3. Installing the water wave bundles with closure with headband is the safest and popular way. The headband can be cut according to the circumference of your head and wrapped around the sides of the closure. Finally, both ends are tied at the back of your head.
  4. Wigs, when worn too tightly, causes excessive tension in the hair follicles, eventually contributing to a permanent form of hair loss.

Why should you opt for hair with closure?

1. Health Benefits of Hair Closures

Closures possess countless advantages for both the health and appearance of your hair. Women who use excessive chemicals or lots of heat on their natural hair end up having more brittle, thinner, and shorter hair. Wearing a closure ensures that all of your natural hair is protected and all the styling will be done to your straight bundles with closure.

2. Improve your Hair’s Appearance

Since the hair bundles with closure cover your head, you no more have to style your hair with heat or dyes to blend them with the extensions. The bundles when blended seamlessly and attached securely add to your stunning personality. There are enormous varieties of best lace closures to choose from.  Since these have lightened knots, lace appears like your scalp, so you get more natural-looking results.

Whether you want to try curly, straight or wavy hair bundles, it is important that you choose the Brazilian virgin type of lace closures purchased from renowned providers who provide you with authentic virgin extensions for the safety and beauty of your crowning glory.

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