Important Tips To Remember While Dating A Japanese Girl

Your penchant for a Japanese girlfriend might come to an end if you cannot the sway your girl. If you are dating Japanese girl, there are few things that you need to keep in mind. These girls do not express their negative emotions. That is if they are angry or hurt then the same is not expressed through their physical appearance. Another predominant characteristic of these girls is that they are very independent and unlike many other Asian communities they always do not pay heed to the opinions of the family. While dating a Japanese girl, pay heed to these characteristics and then deal the girl.

Mandatory points to remember

Your sense of fashion, attitude and communication skill all will matter while dating a Japanese girl. If you are confused regarding the same, and do not know where to begin with start with your fashion sense. There are few tips that you need to keep in mind while dating these girls.

  • Going by the characteristics of these girls, refrain from criticizing a person whom the girl knows. You will rarely realize the true feeling of the girl as they seldom express their negative emotions.
  • During the date, make sure that you do not speak about your legacy or family business. Discussion of the personal issues or the problems that your family faces might turn off the Japanese girl. Also do not refer to the career of your parents during the date or do not refer to the earnings or the annual salary of your siblings as these might have a negative impression on the girl.
  • Japanese women love their men when they listen to them. It is important to remember that the reason the lady dated you is because they are attracted towards you and the want to know more about you. If you are telling the girl too much about you, it means that the mystery will also reduce. Instead of speaking only about you, let her also do the same. With this, you will reveal less about you and this keep the girl interested in you. When the girl speaks, listen to the inflection of the voice and try to fathom what the girl is hinting at.
  • If you have a barrier of language then you can also opt for the non-verbal communication as the use of gestures. With the use of different gestures, you can also make the girl laugh during the date. Another effective way is to play Janken, a game known to all Japanese women. This will add fun to your debt.
  • You need to adjust your style and adorn a suite that will complement the sophistication of your girl.
  • While dating a Japanese girl, make sure that you ask question as it shows that you care for the girl. You need to be tactful and classy and avoid the questions that might pose that you are interrogating the girl.
  • Make your partner feel that you want to know more about the person and you can ask few general questions for that. Ask these questions in a fun filled way and showcase your sense of humor. This will also help to keep the mystery around you intact.

Respect their characteristics and culture

There is no one-stop solution or way to achieve success while dating a Japanese girl. However, it is important to consider the predominant characteristics of these girls and then deal with them. Being a good audience can help you to have a memorable date with your girl. 

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