Ideal Color Combinations for Blue Interior Décor

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Best Room Color Combinations

Undeniably, the Blue is one of the versatile colors. In every hue, this beautiful color encapsulates something special. Generally, Blue is believed to symbolize loyalty, trust, intelligence, wisdom, and confidence. It also has a calming effect. Moreover, depending on its shade it can be energetic, tranquil, serene, or evocative. So, no matter what taste you have, shades of blue will never leave a chance to awe you.

Given below are house painting inspirations that pair well with the color Blue.

Cobalt Blue and Forest Green

This harmonious color combination of Cobalt Blue and Forest Blue looks amazing. Both of these colors have cool undertones therefore they can pair seamlessly. Having the same temperature these colors radiate energy and positivity. If you use this combination surely the visitors won’t get enough of talking about your home.

Peacock Blue and Honey

These two colors pair very well together. The Peacock Blue and Honey yellow shade exudes an eye catchy charm. To balance out the explosion of shades you can use some neutral décor pieces. Bold and attractive this combination of blue is like a dream color.

Lapis Blue and Tangerine

These two shades sit opposite on the color wheel thus they are naturally complementary. These vibrant shades have contemporary grace that makes your room appear more cheerful. This combination is perfect for any modish individual who wants the inflow of contemporary appeal in the room.

Peacock Blue and Caramel 

Elegant, unique, and sober, this exquisite combination is can be found in nature together. These hues are companions by nature. Using these tones of Blue and Brown brings out the unique essence in your home and flaunts the startling effect in combination with the terrazzo floor.

Lapis Blue and Black

This cool combination is full of energy and is an ideal choice for minimalist lovers. However, for some adding black on walls may not be preferable. But when paired with the Lapis Blue shade it looks pizzazz and adds a pop of color. Further, the addition of fancy art and streamlined furnishings create a cheerful ambiance.

Navy Blue and White

The finest of all combinations is navy blue and white. There is nothing quite like this classic color combination. It accords you with a luxurious feel and makes your room airy. This is a hugely loved combination by modern homeowners. The combination is best even for kitchens.

Navy and Lapis

When in doubt, go for the monochromatic schemes. Using the same color with different tones such as Bright Lapis and the dark Navy always looks phenomenal. Although it might sound a bit tricky, it is always easy to pull off.

Want more? Similarly, you have endless combinations that you can mix and match as per your taste. Nevertheless, to get things done within your budget check Asian paints price online. This will provide you complete detail on a particular color and its cost. Additionally, it will help you plan your renovation project in a better way.

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