Frequently Asked Questions on Engagement Rings


Today engagement rings became a tradition and are used by almost every religion, culture, and individual. The engagement rings show love, memories, and moments. Engagement rings are a formal agreement to a happy future. Always choose a perfect engagement ring before proposing someone, look for reliable Emerald rings in Melbourne.

When a person goes out in search of engagement rings he/she may come to know about their various types of rings such as eternity rings, emerald rings, solitaire rings, various shapes such as the oval, round, and stones such as sapphire, pink diamond.  But in the end, their mind may have several questions that needed to be answered. So here are some frequently asked questions that may come in a person’s mind about engagement rings.

  1. What are engagement rings?

Engagements rings are used as a tradition when you propose your spouse. engagement rings show your love and respect towards your partner. Engagement rings work as a formal agreement for your future. Engagement rings are simple and elegant and have a special stone in the center. The stone can be aa diamond, pink diamond, ruby, sapphire, or any gem.

  1. Does including diamonds necessary in engagement rings?

Earlier there was no trend of wearing diamonds, but during the great depression at 1980’s the value and rate of diamonds got decreased. Then to maintain the value, Debeers company brought diamonds back with a slogan “diamonds are forever”. They introduced diamond rings, that not only maintained their value but after then it became a trend of wearing diamonds. Today engagement rings are generally named after diamond rings, but keeping in view of economic and social restrictions many precious and semi-precious gemstones are introduced. So, it is not necessary to include diamonds in engagement rings because nowadays gemstones such as sapphire, moonstone, ruby, citrine are also available.

  1. What is the cost of an engagement ring?

The cost depends upon the type, shape, and stone of engagement ring. Well, a minimum of a person’s 2-3 month’s salary can be enough to buy a perfect ring. Basically, the cost of engagement rings depends on the type and rarity of stones it can be of several hundred dollars or thousand dollars or even more.

  1. What is the most popular type of engagement ring?

There are many popular ring types such as three-stone rings, halo ring, eternity ring, sapphire rings, and many more. But among those, the most popular ring type is sapphire engagement rings. Sapphire rings are mostly given and preferred by people to propose their partners. These rings are simple and elegant in appearance. Sapphire rings have only one big stone at the center which shines and dazzles to make is more adorable.

  1. How can you guess the size of your partners engagement ring?

There are couple of methods to choose the right size when it comes to choosing the right engagement rings.

  • Try to pinch a ring that she wears on the ring finger of the other hand.
  • You can use the string/ paper trick
  • The soap test, gently take an impression of the ring on a wet soap bar.
  • Use a ring sizer
  • You can also take the ring to the jeweler

When it comes to guessing the ring size, always remember the average ring size is M or L.

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