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Best 3 Steps to Defining Your Personal Style

Being fashionable and being stylish may be related, but they are not strictly the same thing. You can follow all the latest fashion trends and still fail at being stylish. That’s because instead of cultivating your personal style, you’re only following what everyone else is doing.

Developing your personal style should not be solely reliant on what’s trending. Here’s how you can work on your personal style:

  • Comfort

You’re the only one who will know how comfortable you are. However, this shouldn’t be neglected, as your comfort shows in the way you move around in your clothes. You need your clothes to fit properly so that you can move around with ease. You also want to cover areas that make you feel insecure, such as a muffin top. When using a belt to cinch your waist, take care not to wear it too tight that it will constrict your breathing. Your skirt should not be too short that you’re always worried about your movements.

  • Colors

Just like when you are buying lipsticks, eyeshadows, BB creams, and a face toner online, you want the best fit when choosing your items of clothing. Observe the colors that make you feel more alive and youthful, and incorporate those colors more frequently in your ensemble. The easiest advice is to think of the eyeshadow and lip colors you always go for. If you look best in bold red shades, try adding red pumps to your wardrobe. This doesn’t mean you always have to wear the same color, however.

  • Combinations

Now that you know what colors work best for your skin tone, you can decide on the combinations that will give your style depth. Here, you also consider the textures and how you can create different looks by switching your leather jacket with a cardigan. Again, you can use the same principles you use in choosing your makeup. Choose colors that complement or supplement each other, and even if you go for a monochrome outfit, your accessories can still have a pop of color.

You don’t have to follow fashion trends blindly. Stick with a style that makes you feel beautiful and you’ll be more confident than any fashionable person out there.

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