How to Dress Up for The Holi?

Holi festival traditional clothing

Holi festival traditional clothing – Best Holi Looks

The Holi is also known as the festival of colors. With all the dancing and the feasting, you cannot limit the fun experience that comes with this festival. It has been known to also be the least religious festival. Celebrate your way to spring season by enjoying the delicacies of this day and the free fashion wear that most people adorn to. Prepare your powder and watercolor on the night of the bonfire and be ready to Holi away with others as you spray and smear the colors among one another. To be able to flow with the hype that comes with the Holi ensure you get your outfit ready, accessories and your spring fashion outfits ready. Below are random ways you can dress up for the Holi.

How to Dress Up for The Holi

The Holi footwear

As you go out to your Holi you must wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to move around with ease. The footwear to choose should be in line with your outfit look and it is advised to wear shoes that you don’t mind if they get stained with color. Ensure your footwear allows you ultimate comfort since you will be up and down all day. It is also important since you are wearing ethnic Indian outfits to also choose traditional foot wear. For instance, a pair of Kohlapuris is a perfect choice to complement the attire you choose. You can also choose an alternative fun slip-on that has a fun look to it.

Holi footwear

The celebrity Holi Look

Bollywood celebrities are also major fans of the festival and as much as they celebrate it in the movies they also celebrate among family and friends. They choose either the modern or traditional look that will inspire others to have an idea of what to wear. As many people follow through a celebrity-inspired look. It is a great way to ensure that you dress light and casual for this fun festival. To get motivated with what you should wear to the festival you can observe and experiment on some outfits celebrities wear and they could be a unique outfit to try out.

Spring look for Holi

Since the Holi festival is held as the spring season is starting you can also pick your spring outfits to be your Holi outfits. Spring outfits are comfortable and also help you to move with ease as you dance the day away in Holi. The Ghagra choli is a great spring look and can be adorned to the Holi as well. This skirt and blouse combination is best for a daytime celebration such as during this festival. Choose one that is in prints and with tassels or other embellishments that bring out the detailing of the skirt. Spring looks will save you the stress if you are looking for the best outfit in the crowded streets and it becomes easy for you.

The Indo-western trend

This fusion blend of Indian and western attires is an easy task. For your Holi festival hype, you can boost your look with this blend and you can sport this look like a casual outfit that will allow you to blend in with the festivities. However, the best for this festival is a simple white T-shirt, simply faded jeans and a beautiful dupatta to blend. Beware of the stain and choose Indo western wear that you do not mind if it is left pretty ugly. Hence the old and classics are the best choices to adorn to for such a festival. Bring out the dupatta for the funky look the long statement necklace is the best to choose for a perfectly stylish look.

Indo-western trend

Match up the Chunari

The Indian Chunari is a theme that you can flow with during the Holi festival. Choose Chunari dupatta during this festival of love and catch up with your family and friends to get some good memories captured for a fantastic Holi experience. As members of one family, you can decide to match thorough for this occasion as sisters and cousins and adorn to white ethnic outfits that you can match with Chunari dupattas. This will give you a unique look as you all have different colors of the dupatta. Prepare this beforehand as you prepare to have these outfits as family or friends to pull it through perfectly.

Match up the Chunari

The accessories

It is also not faulty to glam up for this festival. Some chunky accessories will do the trick as the perfect match up jewels for this festival. Match up your plain white outfit or colorful floral that you choose with silver accessories. This can be a chunky bracelet, necklace, and some danglers. Some eyewear is cool too as they will protect you from the daylight sun. Such accessories uplift your entire look either they are traditional jhumkas or modern ones they both blend well. Do not assume the nitty-gritty of wearing accessories for the Holi color most times conceals you’re entire get up and this will help your accessories stand out from all this color.

Ethnic attire for the festival

A traditional attire helps you stay loyal to your roots and still make you look stunning as you adorn to it. Some examples of the Holi festival are white velvet sarees type, Kurtas and white palazzos. Embellish the kurta top to give it a more modern and elegant look and have a great alternative to the basic white that many people opt for.

Ethnic attire for the festival

Depending on the outfit you choose remember that you upgrade your look with funky earrings. Another great outfit that is best for the outfit is a white kameez and a churidar. This fancy ensemble may look too perfect for the Holi festival but it amps your look well. Despite the traditional attires, the look that you choose to adorn to pair with the silver footwear for flat shoes to ensure that you are in a better position to enjoy yourself fully. Trend in the Holi by choosing the best attires, accessories, hairstyle and create awesome memories.

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