DIY Room Decor Ideas for Millennials Living as Paying Guest

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DIY Room Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Home

We understand how living in a traditional rented accommodation is not easy. The boring ambiance, old furniture, shabby walls (probably painted a decade ago) just sucks all energy out of you.  But don’t worry about staying in a dingy place anymore. Follow these DIY tips to transform your PG room into a vibrant space, without damaging your landlord’s property!

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Fairy lights

This one needs no introduction! You probably already have it in your room. If not, just get yourself some fairy lights and hang them wherever you wish -windows, mirror, pinboards, bed, around your study table, or any other place you think would be good. We are sure they will look beautiful everywhere and would be enough to add some cheer to your room! You may experiment with different colored lights to brighten your space. And since these are portable, you can always keep redecorating!


If your landlord does not allow you to paint your room’s walls as per your wish, then you would definitely love us for this suggestion – removable wallpapers! These removable papers with beautiful patterns, are not only easy to apply but can brighten up your room within minutes. So all you need to do is go to year nearest stationery shop/place an online order for colored/ patterned paper, grab a pair of scissors and tape, and get to work. Place the papers from top to bottom in an overlapping way to form a clean pattern. Seal them with the help of a tape and you are done! Your room with a new look is ready to boost your mood. The best part about wallpapers is that you can easily remove them without damaging walls of your PG and have them as long as you wish!

Glass bottles & frames

Disclaimer: Minimum creativity required! In this DIY you just need a glass beer bottle you probably finished last week that you can paint in your favorite color. The easy last step? Just to put some fairy lights in, a place near your bed or study table and have some good dreams.  If you wish to make some more effort, then just get some pebbles and artificial miniature plants, and place them properly inside the bottle. You can also use old wooden frames to give a new look to the boring walls. Just get an old photo frame, remove the glass, and the back frame and spray paint the rest in a contrasting color to your wall. Hang it perfectly with the help of nails and you are done. With 3-4 frames, you can create a pretty nook.

Old Trunks

Our next DIY decoration tip is for those who are planning to get rid of the heavy, old trunk from home. You would need a thick cloth with a beautiful pattern/or some metal paints to cover the trunk completely. If using a cloth, just tuck in all ends and stitch or staple the corners. And taddaa…Your brand-new beautiful corner table is ready!

Memory Wall- Clock

This is our exclusive DIY tip to fill your room with exquisite art as well as with your memories. Take out your 12 old pictures, preferably some milestones/ memories you love looking back to. Paste them evenly on a wall in a circular pattern. Now get a frameless clock (one that just has a back engine and hands and fix it at the center of the photograph circle you just prepared. And that is it!! Your memory wall clock is ready!

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