How to Decorate Your Living Room with Wall Pictures

wall decor ideas for living room

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Best Wall Decor Ideas – How to Decorate a Large Wall

Creating a perfect and stylish look of your living room needs some work to be done. You need to know how to decorate your living room, especially walls of the room. The best way to give a warm feel to your living room is by filling empty walls of the room. Few small changes made to the large walls of the room can make your home look stylish.

When we think about decorating the walls of the living room, we think about the paintings. But, you will be surprised to know that there are plenty of creative options to beautify the walls of the living room, according to your taste and style. Enhance your blank walls of the living room by making a few additions to the home décor. Check out some of the wall picture ideas to fill your blank walls with vibrant colors in a creative way.

  • Textured Wall

A simple creative idea to a add touch of life to your living space is to make bold statement wall using textured paint. Adorn one wall of the living room with some nice and warm color texture to highlight the room. Make sure that the color and style you choose for textured wall should not be loud that it overpowers the look of the room. Textured effect walls look more elegant and stylish than normal painted walls.

  • Add Mirrors

Mirrors are best to illuminate the room décor while reflecting the light and making the room look more spacious and large. Add oversize mirror with antique or modern look frame to make your wall stylish. You can hang several small mirrors as well, forming a cluster. Mirrors make the space looks brighter and bigger. It is not necessary that you hang a bold framed mirror on the wall. Simple and elegant mirror will also do wonders when placed in the living room.

  • Hang Ceramic Plates

Another trendy idea to decorate walls of the living room is to hang plates. You will get a beautiful and colorful range of bon china ceramic plates in the market. Pick vibrant and natural painted plates to hang on the wall and make your living space stylish. Mix and match colorful plates and arrange them on the wall. Bring blank wall back to life by hanging lively plates.

  • Photo Frames

What could be the perfect way to decorate the wall of your living room? No doubt, your memories, your lovely pictures with your friends and family. Dedicate a wall to your love for family by hanging awesome pictures in frames. You can hang an array of frames or can hang one huge frame with multiple small frames. Pick awesome photographs, get them framed in different frames and arrange them on a wall to create a stylish look of your living room.

  • Artwork Gallery

Display beautiful collection of artworks either with or without frames on a wall. Choose symmetric shapes, mix and match different variants of artworks from small size to oversized artwork. Use matching frames or similar frames to give modern look to the wall. Start with the big frames first, later to fill the blank spaces with small frames. Hang several pieces of framed wall pictures for living room to give an eclectic look to the room.

  • Modern Art Paintings

Hanging modern pieces of paintings on your wall is yet another way to jazz up the look of your living space. Choose modern pictures for living room and display them on the wall. If you have a big wall, spread the frames far apart to bring out the dramatic look of the room. If you are short on space, try to hang several pieces of modern art close together to create an inspiring wall design. Pick trendy pictures for living room to create warmer feel to your room.

  • Antique Wall décor Items-

Apart from paintings, wall frames, photo frames, hanging unique and antique metal wall décor items are in trend these days. This is simple yet stimulating idea to hang several items like cluster of umbrellas, a motorcycle, musical instruments, bouquet of flowers, abstract designs and so on. This is the creative way to show love for your passion. This kind of décor looks unique and trendy.

  • Plants

Adding indoor plants in the house is the recent trend to introduce greenery in the home. Plants make the living space livelier, thereby giving soothing effect to the space. Plants are best for purifying air, making the environment more clean and healthy. Moreover, plants help you to make your home cool as they do not allow much heat to enter into the house. Plants make the living space refreshing and energizing.

  • Shelves

Placing storage shelves in your living space is the other common idea to decorate wall of your living room. It will serve both purposes of storage and decoration. You can place lovely planters on the shelves, accompanied by tiny home décor showpieces. If you are a book lover, then keeping books on the shelves will work too. Now a day, there are many options available for shelves. They come in different styles and patterns. You can place them according to your space and needs.

  • Wall Brackets

If you do not want to add shelves to the wall as it may seem covering the whole wall of the room. You can go for wall brackets. Pick some attractive wall brackets of same size or may be of different sizes and fix them on the wall. The best part is that you can place variety of things on them. Keep plants one day, may be keep frames on another day. Fixing wall brackets on the wall is the great idea when you do not want to place artworks or frames directly on the wall.

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