Custom Printed Mascara Boxes | Shapes and Designs


The packaging is a marketing element vital for the cosmetic industry since it determines the success of a business in the long-run. Packaging has evolved to become the most significant ingredient of the marketing mix; thus, the demand for customized boxes has been an increasing trend. One highly demanded package in the industry is mascara boxes. Coming in a bunch of styles and shapes, they reflect the company’s quality and excellence. For this reason, make-up manufacturers try to bring up designs that are unique and are perceived as high quality, so that they can be beneficial in attracting a large number of customers. Moreover, some of the mascaras are in fragile and sensitive tubes, which can shatter into pieces if any external pressure is applied to them; thus, they also need to be enduring and strong and should be able to handle minor falls and pressures.

Endless options for custom mascara boxes mean that the manufacturers need to carefully find and select the one which is going to be the most yielding in terms of customer attraction. The latest printing technology allows any sort of packaging to be made in the snap of a finger, which means that any design whatsoever can be implemented; hence, competition is soaring high. Let’s go through some of the most optimum mascara packaging ideas.

Folding Packaging 

If you are looking for budget-friendly mascara boxes, this is the ultimate option for you. Coming as flat cardboard sheets, the expenditure on their carriage, as well as storage, is minimal. The per-unit cost of these boxes is also generally lesser as compared to its counterparts. However, even though they cost less, their utility, customization options, and durability are as much as other alternatives, which cost substantially more. Folding boxes can be obtained at extremely affordable prices from wholesale mascara boxes in the USA.

These packages are usually made out of cardboard and generally come as cuboids; however, the shape and size can be changed as per the demands of the clients. All sorts of printing can be done on them as well, including the embossing of the logo. They can be easily set up, and their material is such that it can endure low to medium level pressures.

These packages though light on the pocket, still leave a heavy impact on the customer who comes to shop for make-up in a supermarket. They can be customized with flashy colors and attractive illustrations, thus ensuring that the company gains the upper hand on its competitors.

Triangular Boxes 

Naturally, boxes are associated with a rectangular or square shape, since they commonly come in these shapes. For a company to maintain its innovation and creativity, out-of-the-box designs need to be used. One example of such rarely seen designs in triangular boxes. Only a few companies use them for their products. Using triangular packages as custom printed mascara boxes can be favorable for attracting customers. Since mascaras are usually sold at make-up kiosks in supermarkets. They are often placed amongst their competitors. Such a unique and distinguished packaging can surely be a point of interest, and thus can draw plenty of customers to the product. These customizable boxes can be printed with the company’s label and slogan as well for branding purposes.

Window Boxes 

Perfectly displaying the product can lead to more customer attraction and, therefore, higher sales. One packaging design which can be advantageous for this purpose is window boxes. These packages have clear, transparent openings in them, which allow the actual product to be seen.

Mascara boxes company the USA prefers this design since it allows the actual color of the eye beautifying tool can be seen. Many women are concerned if the color which they are buying matches with their demand. The window boxes allow them to be assured that the correct item is being purchased. Moreover, they also help in enhancing the aesthetics of the packaging and can help in drawing more customers.

Flap Boxes 

Mascaras are generally small items, and their packaging is also quite small. This minimal size means that if the size of the packaging is such that it merely fits the bottle or tube of mascara, it is difficult to do the branding. Flap boxes are such which have an additional, wide panel apart from the smaller sized box. These special mascara boxes provide designers with additional space to showcase their talent. Catchy visuals and logos can be placed in this space. These packages can prove to be the best display units and serve as the best promotion mediums of the company.

There are hundreds of thousands of other designs that are available in the market right now. Companies have to consider all pros and cons of a particular packaging before finally choosing one box. The case of Mascara Boxes is no different, as all the options and variations make choosing the right one is quite difficult. These are some best options available; others need to be checked before choosing the ultimate one.

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