Corona Pandemic Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Trendy

Who doesn’t love being a trend setter? It’s always fun, isn’t it? Knowing that your killer confidence is influencing people and making you noticed amongst them, making you stand out amongst anyone. And the best part is, you can pull it off all by being yourself.

No Flashy outfits required, just a classic, fashionable tee, a good pair of shorts or pants, one of those trendy, stylish laptop bags for women and a touch of confidence and charm, and you’re all set to own the first day of your college! After all, being awesome is being subtle, simple and charming.

A couple more combinations like the classic athleisure outfits are really comfortable and really trendy as well. A classic white t shirt, combined with black joggers, a nice pair of white sneakers and a black cap is an ever green combo that looks really amazing and is just as comfortable and awesome as it sounds.

Combine it with one of those subtly stylish black backpacks for women and a pair of black aviator sunglasses paired up with a nice sports watch and you’re all good to go any and everywhere. It is one of those outfits which you can pull off almost anytime and at any place, and hands down, it will make you look just as amazing as you are!

Yes, I know you’re freakishly funny. So, how about a good joke?

Well, a major part about being funny is pointing out flaws with utmost playfulness and humour. And one of the best comedians’ topic of choice for that purpose is, Engineering!

Now come on, you know this was coming. But still, here’s a question, those of you who took engineering… Why?

Well always a good ice breaker and an ever green joke, you can always lead with openers like this without even saying a word.

But the question is… How?

Get yourself a funky and light ‘Engineering na ho payega’ printed backpack for women and break the tension with your funky and chill out vibe! Not just that, the best part is the fact that sleek and compact designer backpacks and laptop bags for women go just about anywhere and with any outfit you love and the brownie points for the design that gives off your fun loving and amazing persona is a +1. So, Charms away!

100% Perfect! Just like you, just like Pizza and just like the 2020 DU Cut offs –

Now I know what you’re going to say and I couldn’t agree more. Nothing is ever a 100% (except of course, the DU cut offs for 2020) but again, we are the best versions of ourselves whatever way we are and this is what is awesome about us (and Pizza Of course).

But what matters is the fact that we all have a perfectionist inside us, who doesn’t just strive for a 100% but stretches beyond limits. There are no limits to you and what all you can do, so make the most out of it! A common trait in many perfectionists is the fact that they like to keep it simple and sweet. So why not say it out loud? Okay, okay… Keep your megaphones aside, I’m talking about a loud message through your Outfit. After all, clothes make the man!

Get yourself one of the classic ‘perfectionist’ printed backpacks for women and achieve your goals. If you dig a really minimalistic as well as a subtle yet loud design, the black and white colour scheme is for sure going to make you fall in love with it at first sight. This classic colour scheme is not just straight up cool, but also goes with everything. And the main point being that fact that you know you are a perfectionist inside, even though you may not show it, why not wear it?!

Solve  (x – 3)² = 4 –

There are two types of people in this world. The ones who’d just freak out looking at the problem above, and the ones who’d tell me that x = 5,1.

Well if you love maths or even if you don’t, We cannot deny it that mathematical equations as a design is one amazing concept (unlike of course, the actual mathematical concepts).

From maths doodled shirts to classic maths doodled laptop bags for women, it does look fascinating as long as you’re wearing it. So why not pull of the geeky yet cool design off when you’ve got all the confidence it takes to do so? You ask me why? Well, it’s because I just don’t see a why not!

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