Basic things to use when doing self makeup

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People love doing makeup these days. It not only makes one look presentable but also it can increase the level of self confidence in one. There are many professional makeup artists available in the market who has chosen this career to make people look beautiful.

In fact, there are also many self makeup artists in Delhi who have learnt how to apply makeup by watching online videos and reading all the latest articles. They regularly increase their knowledge base on makeup by staying up to date and shunning on their makeup applying skills. Also, if one wants to do the regular makeup on their own, then they can easily do that because it is not a very tough job to learn and apply the makeup essentials to create an everyday look.

The thing that most people are concerned about is the face makeup. So there are a few basic things that one needs to add to their makeup kit in order to do their regular facial makeup. What are these things? 

Face Primer

There are many people who might think that face primers are not really necessary when it comes to regular makeup regime. But that is absolutely not true. Use of a primer not only effects the skin but can also effect the makeup. It makes the skin look glowing and smooth so that it remains fresh all along. Now, each and every skin tone has a separate primer base because it can control the acne, moisture and the uneven tones.


This is a very mandatory thing when it comes to face makeup. Also it is quite difficult to find the right match when it comes to foundation. Even when one finds it, they have to apply it rightly. There are different varieties available like sheer, natural, pearl, nude, medium and full. One has to choose the foundation depending on what their skin tone is and what the undertone is as well. One can always go to a makeup store and take help from an expert to pick up the right shade for themselves if they are buying it for the very first time. Once they get their right shade, then the next buy will not be that difficult. Also, one needs to find out what foundation they would like to apply because there are liquid, cream and powder variations available.

BB Cream

This is a regular face makeup thing that one can always include in their makeup box. If one applied this, then it can keep the face more natural looking. BB creams have moisturisers in it and so when applied; it can keep the skin soft. Some BB creams also have built in primers in them. Those who are not into heavy makeup, they can easily apply this BB cream for their base on the face. But they do come in a limited shade range.

One can also apply concealer to hide the under eye lines and blush to highlight the cheekbones for an evening party. Or they can take help from a self makeup artist in Pitampura Delhi, to get their makeup done.

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