When Should Your Toddler (Kid’s) Gets his First Haircut?

Baby's First Haircut

What Is the Right Age for Your Kid’s First Haircut?

When should my child get his first haircut? It is a question that bothers all parents at one point in life. With girls, it is easy to hold off the urge to visit a barber until a couple of years into the child’s life, but it is not the same for boys. You want your baby to look as dashing as ever, right from the time you first hold him in your arms. If you are a parent torn of whether the time is right to visit a hairstylist for the first haircut, here are some tips that can make your decision much easier to make:

Parent’s preferences

It is not everyday you find a mother running to the barber’s shop with a 1-month-old baby. People are different, and you should expect a variety of ideas as to when it is preferable to cut your baby’s hair for the first time. As a parent, you know what works best for you. Depending on how you like to style your child’s hair, how you prefer him to look like, or how easy you want to make your grooming process, you can visit the barber at any point.

Two-month-old mark

Once a baby is out of the womb, there are too many stimuli that he has to adapt to for survival. It is a lot of learning and coping for the child, and sometimes, it can take a toll on him. For this reason, you do not want to add to the pressure by forcing your child into an avoidable haircut. Technically, before the two-month-old mark, the child is probably pretty young to start running the Andis T Outliner in his tiny head. Two months is long enough to allow some hair to grow so that you are not just teasing his scalp in the name of a haircut, considering that a newborn baby’s hair is delicate. Even so, there are some parents, due to preferences as mentioned above, who don’t visit the salon until their kids are two years old.

Length of the hair

As the old saying goes, ‘why fix it if it’s not broken?’ Technically, if your child’s hair is not getting in the way of their life, there is no urgency as to when you should get it chopped off. However, you want to be on the lookout for when your child has some distressing signals due to the hair, for example, if hair starts to get in their eyes or is bugging them on the neck. You can also consider a trim as a way to get rid of the “fly-aways” on the side start to look like wings. Depending on how quick your child’s hair grows, some kids will get the cut sooner than others.

‘You have such a cute girl.’

If people are starting to mistake your son for a girl, then it is probably the very time you need to consider a haircut. Depending on your child’s hair type, the hair may grow too long that your son is mistaken for a girl. When this happens, it can get pretty awkward and uncomfortable to have to explain to everyone that the child with a ponytail is a boy and not a girl.

Can he sit up?

It is primarily essential that your son can hold still during a haircut. For this to happen, you must indulge them physically with a couple of distractions, but more importantly, they must be able to adopt an upright position. Technically, after three months, kids learn to hold their own heads up. This is the best time to start considering a haircut so that it is not a lot of trouble getting to all parts of the head with a trimmer.

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