Hottest and The Most Affordable Jewelry Trends to Adorn in 2019!

Hottest and The Most Affordable Jewelry Trends to Adorn in 2019 (1)

– Alexander Mcqueen aptly quoted, ‘Clothes and Jewellery should be startling, individual’

Indeed! We casually slip into the affordable and raging seasonal trends every year, walking into the new season effortlessly. We totally and quite literally love the ever-changing trend according to seasons, from funky jackets, torn jeans, trousers, pleated skirts, and t-shirts, to high boots, often overlooking one crucial styling element, ‘Jewelry’. Not many of us even venture into the territory of accessories as we are more concerned about what shoes to wear or which bag to carry. No matter how deeply engrossed we are into sartorial trends we bet, sparing a little love for the jewelry would only add up to the hotness quotient. We did a little investigation and found some affordable jewelry trends that would help take your overall look to a whole new level. 

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Asymmetrical Jewellery

Because, unconventional and asymmetrical is totally in! This new kind of trend has been dominating the market for quite some time now! Go for an earring in one ear and gracefully decorate the other with a bunch of studs, choose a pair with subtle design differences. Another fancy trend that is doing the rounds is wearing an earring in one ear and keeping the other one totally naked. Yeah, you heard it right! You just need to abide by one real rule of thumb which is sticking to the same kind of material and color of the jewelry. 

Embellished Hoops 

This one particular trend has been wildly popular amongst the young and the old alike. You can go from Alexis Texas to Hannah Montana in no time, seriously! Wearing the tight hooped earrings also known as huggies will give you the retro look and feel. No matter whether you wish to go traditional or western the huggies will amplify your look. When we talk about the embellished hoops, we are specifically talking about the hanging pearls, studded beads, encrusted diamonds, now, the choice is totally yours because we have suggested you endless styles already.  You prefer your jewelry in gold or silver? Or maybe absolutely simple, subtle coated in gold? You may go with whatever you like because there is nothing too loud this season!

Nautical Themes

Recently introduced, the nautical fad has totally stood out like a shining star! You can easily find unending choices in the nautical-themed jewelry, including starfish, and shells, pearls, anchors and what not. Mix and try the unique combinations of them all. 

Empowering, Symbolic and Manipulated Metal

People have different identities and some of which are totally different from the others. Some women prefer going for the subtle, simpler, regular kind of designs whereas some prefer putting on jewelry which defines them and their personality, out loud. If you worry about where to find something exactly that defines you and your style, then you need not to anymore because there is an endless variety that you can find online for womens gold necklace. From jewelry coated in gold, platinum, white gold to pendant designs that show your inner emotions, devotion and spirit, you can find them all easily. The best part is that many websites also provide the facility of customizing it simply for you! 

Minimalistic Gold Bangle Sets

Gold until recently was considered old! But, not until the simplistic gold colored bangles were introduced in the fashion brigade. The simple gold bangle set will make you stylish without asking much, just wear 2 or 3, mix and match different designs, stack up a bracelet, maybe one or two, stack up a watch and instantly see your look upgraded. 

Necklace with Personalized Names

Indubitably, one thing that can never go out of style! You must have come across people wearing necklaces with pendants that have their names engraved on them and sometimes the names of their loved ones too. Well, this fad is here to stay for years to come.

So, what is your kind of style? 

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