8 most popular Bridal Lehenga styles in 2019

Mermaid Bridal Lehenga

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Guide to the most popular bridal lehenga designs of 2019


A year ago, if asked if I would spend days traversing the overcrowded “gullies” of Chandni Chowk to shop for a wedding, I would have run far away. Today, six months after managing to rummage through almost every store in the area. I can say that I have been a great sister for the bride to be and have completed a crash course of sorts in the popular lehenga designs of 2019.

The idea behind the perfect bridal lehenga is that it should be beautiful on its own and enhance the features of the bride and bring out her beauty.

Now the big questions were the style and work that would be the perfect fit for the bride. The shopping and rummaging took an exemplary 10 days.

Our first focus went towards the style of the lehenga and the plethora of types managed to leave me spell-bound.

1. The A-Line Bridal Lehenga

Now, this particular type of bridal lehenga has an A-line hem. It is tight around the waist and flares out more at the bottom. The style did not impress the bride as she wanted more pleats in her lehenga. So we decided to skip this and try out something with a little more flare instead.

A-Line Bridal Lehenga

2. The Flared Lehenga

This style of bridal lehenga is all about its volume and pleats and after rejecting the first style for the lack of it. I shouldn’t have assumed the bride would agree to this style as she deemed this unfit for excess flare.

Flared Lehenga

3. The Mermaid Bridal Lehenga

Resembling a mermaid, this style of bridal lehenga is a tight fit until the knees and it flares from the calves. The bride rejected this lehenga as she deemed that the lehenga made her hips look fat and bulky.

Mermaid Bridal Lehenga

4. The Paneled Bridal Lehenga 

The paneled bridal lehenga style has horizontal panels of fabric. The panels almost always increase the flare of the lehenga. The bride didn’t feel the style was fancy enough and didn’t make her feel like a bride.

Paneled Bridal Lehenga

5. The Double Flare Bridal Lehenga 

The bride could find the required flare in style of bridal lehenga. Although she found the design appealing, she felt like she was floating rather than walking and wanted to feel her feet. So this design was put on hold and was to be used only if she did not find anything better.

Double Flare Bridal Lehenga

6. The Trail style Bridal Lehenga

The style of bridal lehenga has an extra fabric attached at the end of it and is fit for anyone willing to take on the extra weight. The bride was unwilling to carry any extra weight and this style was also scrapped.

Trail style Bridal Lehenga

7. The Sharara style Bridal Lehenga

This is a new trend that is usually worn by Muslim brides. Though the patterns were loved, she was looking forward to wearing a lehenga skirt rather than palazzo pants which were made to look like a lehenga.

Sharara style Bridal Lehenga

8. The Straight-Cut Bridal Lehenga

This lehenga design is as straightforward as its name. The skirt flows along with the body shape with no flare and as a flared and voluminous skirt was the need. The bride denied even this Lehenga the privilege of wearing it.

Straight-Cut Bridal Lehenga

After a lot of trials and rejections, the bride finally picked The double flare lehenga style. And now we had to face a new challenge, that of picking the pattern of ‘karigari’ or work and the color that pleases the bride.

After spending 10 long days in the gullies of Chandini Chowk, I decided to compile a list of:

The popular patterns of work on bridal lehengas in 2019

1. Zari work on Lehengas

Zari is an intricate work that creates motifs and artful patterns on garments. It uses silk thread for embroidery and the work is light which ensured the lehenga was pretty to look at but not very heavy.

Zari work on Lehengas

2. Zardozi work on Lehengas 

Zardozi work is usually carried out with gold and silk threads and it gives the lehenga a rich look and makes the bride shine like a star on her Wedding day.

Zardozi work on Lehengas

3. Phulkari work on Lehengas

Phulkari work on Lehengas

The work comes from Punjab and beautiful flower patterns are woven on the garments.

After trying umpteen lehenga’s from various places, the bride finally picked sandalwood and cream colored lehenga. The style of the lehenga was circular and flared lehenga with minimal panels.

The pre-wedding jitters are already beginning to show in our house and everyone is already excited about my sister’s big day. If you ask me if I will ever shop for anyone like I did with my sister. I would tell them I am getting married in shorts and a t-shirt. But I know that all the trouble will be worth it as I am sure my sister will be the most beautiful bride on her special day.

This article has been contributed by Ms. Namrata Singh, who is the sister of one of the Real brides at WeddingsOnly India’s fastest wedding planning website.

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