5 Best and Easy Hair Styles for Long Hair

Easy Summer Hairstyles

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Easy Summer Hairstyles

Are you blessed with extra-long hair?

Well, then you have plenty of options to style your hair.It is fun to try different options, but if you are more of a lazy girl and do not want to spend ages layering and texturing your hairs, there are endless hairstyles you can try out.These hairstyles do not require a lot of commitment and effort.

Just have a look at the different hairstyles that salons in Dubai are offering. If you are in a hurry and are wondering what to do with your hair, then you can pull off ponytails or go for braids.Whether you are getting ready for a formal occasion or preparing yourself for work, here are some suggestions for extravagant looks.

  • Knotted ponytail

Want to be the pearl of everyone’s eye without putting any extra efforts; the knotted pony style is for you.To bring simple styled ponytail to the next level, the challenge is what to do next. To correctly pump up this style, you need a blow dryer,hairbrush, and little skill to tie a simple knot. In just a few minutes, you will come up with a sleek style. Just brush out tangles before getting started.

  • High ponytail

This versatile hairstyle is perfect to look like a Disney princess at a formal occasion. This classy and trendy hairdo let you put your touches of creativity that sits perfectly with your looks. From Beyonce to the Emmy Rossum, everyone is showing off high ponytails to look prettier and more polished.

  • Bubble ponytail

Want some modifications in your looks, and then go for bubble ponytail as it is perfect for a busy office girl. Get creative with your hairstyle by adding extra twists to your ponytail. You either have stumbled upon many hairstyle ideas on Pinterest, but they seem too time-consuming and it is hard to have those exact looks. The bubble ponytail will take only minutes, and your hair does not need to be too long to bring off classy bubble ponytail.

  • Twist back hairstyle

This hairstyle is easy to adopt, as it is only a matter of minutes. If your hair is little frizzy, then this hairstyle is made for you. It works like a charm for curly hairs too. Just twist your hair back of your face, apply pins, and you are ready to go.

  • Fishtail Braid

Many of us love the looks of chic having fishtail braids but creating that looks seems intimidating. The style suits perfect on both summer and winter outfits. You would be wondering how to nail this intricate style. Well, there is nothing to worry about as it involves braiding hair strands together to create splendid looks.

  • Braided ponytail

The braided ponytail is a nice shift from your everyday looks. You will surely feel more relaxed, while still looking cute and will surely get compliments from your friends. They are for every occasion, either willing to attend a party or soon there someone’s wedding day, its unique pattern and style can make everyone surprised around you.

  • Twisted crown

The twisted crown style involves wrapping your hairs around your hair. The style is getting better and better as there come many modifications regularly.It is a little tricky to pull this off, but the good news is you can turn wet hairs into a twisted crown braid.

  • Beach Waves

You quite admire many celebrities that surprise you with their charismatic charms and enchanting hairstyles. But you know many of those looks do not require being hard on yourself. Beach waves hairstyle is one of them as mastering the beachy curls do not require a lot of your efforts, and in the end, you look more glossy and charming as you always have been.

  • Half up-bow

Make up your mind to recreate this amazing hairstyle. It seems daunting and bit complicated but believe me, it is pretty much easy and is perfect for making your day out. The hairstyle is unique, and the hair bow makes you look like a queen.  Ideal for both formal and informal activities.

  • Boho Twist Braid

Boho twisted braids are quite trendy this season, and it is quite easy to become an Instagram Boho braid princess. Off course if you are quick in making braids, then it will not take you long for a perfect holiday look.

Ending lines

A perfect summer hairstyle that suits your personality and makes you feel lighter while having a lot of fun playing with different ideas. Well, you have received tons of compliments about your long hairs but in deep down inside you know how long it takes to make them look perfect.

Your extra-long hair is undoubtedly an advantage but instead of investing a lot of money on your salon visits, try these easy DIY hair styling tricks to make yourself ready for a formal occasion or get noticed by your loved ones.

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