Best YouTube Video Downloading Apps

Video Downloading Apps

Best Android YouTube Video Downloader Apps

YouTube appears to be one of the popular downloading apps with nearly 1.5 billion downloads. This works out to be a great source of videos for all the entertainment buffs out there. One of the outstanding features of this app is that you can download the videos on your app itself. This feature is a useful one and would allow you to save videos on the app itself.

Google is not going to support the downloading of videos on the gallery. In fact, no such app that a support video download is available on the Google play store as the policy of YT is a violation.

But there are a series of 3 party apps that would allow you to download videos on to your Android phone storage. Yes, we are discussing the best possible video downloading apps, which is expected to make your work a lot easier. Let us now explore some of the best possible downloading apps for your YouTube videos.

  • YouTube

This provides direct download links and there are no ads. There is also an option to play the video in the background. There is no need for any access in order to use this app. In fact, this app has a series of inbuilt settings where the download and speed limit is set and specifying the path for download. Just you need to install and download this app.

  • Ins Tube

This is a popular video downloader app that supports videos from close to 100 websites. In fact, audio and video files can be saved where you have the option to store in lieu of the format and resolution of the file. Even when you are going for numerous downloads there is no compromise on the pace. This is such an app that allows you to surf the videos when you are downloading. This app is a user-friendly one with a host of interesting features.

  • New Pipe

This works out to be a lightweight YouTube app. The user interface is the front end. One of the striking features of this app is that you can run it without Google API or even Google play services. Basically, this app goes on to collect the URL of the websites and in the form of an app, it is displayed. This app can really work out to be powerful if you possess a low-end Android phone with a lot of power. With the help of this app, you can download videos with utmost privacy. You can even allow it to stream videos in the background while you continue with surfing.

  • Videoder

For Android, this works out to be another popular downloading app. Easy to navigate features and a smooth UI are notable features of this app. A prominent feature of this app is that without even the app, it allows you to create video links. If you are fed up with ads you can opt for the premium version of this app.

  • Vidmate

Vidmate download is one of the best options for downloading videos that is scaling the success charts. This is free of charge and the problem of video downloading is a thing of the past. You need to download and install it on your Android phone without any hassles. This is an app that you install on an immediate basis and say goodbye to unknown buffering.

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