WWE “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Steals the Show Once Again

Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin Match

The September 9, 2019 episode of WWE Raw was held at the prestigious Madison Square Garden and the sold-out arena came unglued when The Texas Rattlesnake ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin walked into MSG for the first time in almost two decades! Steve Austin is the greatest professional wrestler of all-time and is known as one of pro wrestling’s biggest draws.

Along with The Rock, Austin ushered WWE into the Attitude Era and he is recognized as the greatest WWE Champion of all time. So when you know that The Rattlesnake is going to be present in the house, you know it is going to be a night full of special moments.

The WWE Raw results for the night had the essence of Stone Cold all over them. On the September 9, 2019, edition of WWE Raw, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin made his appearance as the mediator for the WWE Universal Championship match contract signing for the 2019 Clash of Champions PPV.

On the September 2, 2019 episode of Raw, the contract signing between the WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and challenger Braun Strowman was interrupted by The O.C., who expressed their unhappiness with the state of the WWE Raw Tag team Championships which Rollins and Strowman had won from The O.C. back on August 19, and the Universal Championship, for which Braun Strowman had become the challenger because he “stared at the title,” as mentioned by the United States Champion, AJ Styles. AJ Styles went on to tear the contract apart before Strowman could sign it to make the match official, and this led to a chaotic brawl between The O.C. and the Raw Tag Team champions Rollins and Strowman. WWE Raw commentator Michael Cole was the mediator for the contract signing and naturally, he could not maintain the proper atmosphere in the overpowering presence of The O.C. Later that night, it was announced that WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would be the mediator for the Universal Championship match contract signing on the next episode of Monday Night Raw at Madison Square Garden.

As one might have expected, the presence of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was a really special phenomenon, and the WWE universe got to witness a great promo involving Austin, The O.C., Rollins and Strowman. The show opened with Austin’s theme song being played in the arena and he was welcomed with a loud pop.

Austin spoke about the prestige of Madison Square Garden and what being there means to him and got the crowd riled up for the contract signing. The signing was done without disturbance and the match was made official but then The O.C. showed up.

The verbal confrontation that then ensued between Austin and AJ was simply remarkable and the segment ended up with The Rattlesnake laying out the Phenomenal One with the Stone Cold Stunner.

The main event for that night was scheduled to be a ten-man tag team match between the team of Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, The Viking Raiders, and Cedric Alexander and the team of The O.C., Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode. The babyface team won the match when Cedric Alexander pinned AJ Styles following the Lumbar Check. Austin immediately hit the ring and shared some Stevewisers with the winners to end that spectacular episode of WWE Monday Night Raw at MSG.

After the show went off the air, Austin toasted the MSG audience with beers and put AJ Styles over calling him “the best … hands in the business for the last … 18 years ….” The Rattlesnake shook hands with the Phenomenal one and the hit him with the Stone Cold Stunner one more time! ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s presence at MSG made it a really memorable episode of Monday Night Raw.

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