What Unicorn Present To Buy? Perfect Unicorn Gift For Your Kids

Unicorn Present

Best Unicorn Gifts – Cool Unicorn Toys & Gifts

Unicorn gifts are always a hit among the kids. For their design, construct and type are no doubt extremely eye-catching and attention-grabbing. They have very well satisfied with their kids as well as their parents with the safety, security, and hygiene they have assured throughout these years in each and every product. This birthday or any such occasion try up these gift items. These are some of the items gifting of which can make your kid craving for more:

  • Unicorn Mug and Coaster Combo: – This 3D combo is one of the most beautiful unicorn products you should gift your kid. The material of the item is ceramic. Where on the one hand the mug and coaster are designed in the shape of a unicorn face with sweet little ears and beautiful golden horns, on the other hand, it is beautifully decorated with hand-painted drawings making it look all the more attractive. There is no doubt about the quality of the combo and has been loved as well as appreciated by all.
  • Unicorn Tea Set: – This 15 piece tin tea set is nothing but wonder to kids. The entire set is decorated with unicorn faces and rainbows all over. It contains 4 cup- dishes, four dinner plates, a tray, and a teapot. The teapot comes with a removable lid. The tray is also quite big. You can gift your kid with this combo pack and just imagine her happiness because in short, this set is quite a fantasy created in reality one.
  • Unicorn Piggy Bank: – It is one of the cutest items for kids. The piggy bank as a plain and undecorated piece along with paints and brushes and also glue. You are beautifying to your unicorn accordingly. Once you are done decorating you can always use it to save that little money every time. It is portable and also quite light-weight. You may change the colors according to your interests. Be careful not to let kids below three years old play with this.
  • Unicorn Flower Crown: – This is a hairband that is beautifully decorated with flowers of a different color as well as with a golden unicorn standing out also with glittery ears and silver leaves. It is actually a very popular and fantastic headband for wearing on birthdays, parties, etc. The raw material is quite high-quality fabric. The headband is curved very tactfully to avoid any pain or discomfort.
  • DIY Unicorn Garden: – This is a fabulous gift for kids of almost all ages. The set contains a couple of unicorns, castle, mushroom, butterfly and plastic planter. It is quite an engaging and creative activity. If you want, you can always buy some of the other accessories like soil separately. You will have to construct a magical horse garden. It is quite light-weighted and portable so you can always play this with one or two of your siblings or friends.
  • Unicorn Brush n Sparkle: – This is a kind of magic game that comes along with four different sounds and light. It consists of the graceful looking mythical creature and a magic brush through which the magical effect gets applied. With this, the kids can easily make their fantasy world and make their storytelling look much livelier.


With these never-ending hit-list of gifts for kids, you can make them transport into a world of magic and beauty. Glance through and pick some for the upcoming occasion to gift your kid and make her feel very special.

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