4 Reasons to Try Axe Throwing This Winter

Try Axe Throwing This Winter

The Ultimate Axe Throwing Guide

Move over, bowling, there’s a new kid in town. As bowling alleys across North America shutter their doors, there are an equal number of axe throwing facilities opening.

What started as a backyard rec league for some buddies up in Canada, axe throwing has now morphed into a certifiable sports business, complete with international tournaments and a diehard fan following. It came at just the right time too, as people were starting to get bored of their regular activity options, and the vacuum left behind by the America bowling alleys closing was acutely felt.

If you haven’t had the pleasure yet of hurling an axe at a target painted onto a wooden board, you are in for a treat this winter. There’s a reason every company in town looking to throw a fantastic corporate team building event this winter will be calling up their local axe throwing place – it’s just plain fun. And if you are, for some reason, still on the fence about trying, allow this article to change your mind!

It’s Fun. Very Fun

You have probably already heard this, but it bears mentioning again: axe throwing is incredibly fun. You wouldn’t think that such a simple act would be fun, but hurling that hatchet and watching it splinter into the bullseye is simultaneously one of the most intoxicating and cathartic experiences. Come with friends, or meet friends at an axe throwing league – either way, it’s going to make your winter more fun.

It’s Not Your Typical Bar

Normal bars just get tiring after a while, especially in the winter when the patios are closed, and the mood is sluggish. Luckily, many axe throwing facilities serve drinks. Instead of meeting up with your friends or coworkers at that same old bar, live out your deepest Viking fantasy: down a flagon of ale and throw an axe!

It’s Surprisingly Good Exercise

You won’t really notice, on account of the fun you’re having, but axe throwing works out a number of key muscle groups. It’s perfect for those people who want to tone their muscles but don’t really want to go to the gym.

It Chops Right Through the Winter Loneliness

What leaps out at you initially, when you first start getting into axe throwing, is how welcoming the community is. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your experience level is, everyone is super helpful and quick with a compliment. People tend to lock themselves indoors over the winter, which can cause a lot of loneliness and anxiety. Getting out among like-minded people and sharing in a communal activity can be good for the soul.

Chops Right Through the Winter Loneliness

It Doesn’t Require Any Prior Skills

If you read everything above and still weren’t convinced, chances are that you might be nervous. You’re nervous that you won’t be able to do it, or nervous that you’ll embarrass yourself among friends and strangers. Don’t be nervous. You don’t need any prior skills to be great at throwing an axe, and the sport prides itself of being accessible and inclusive.

Before your first axe throwing session, you’ll receive a thorough tutorial on how to throw an axe. So don’t fret your lack of knowledge. With a sport this new, barely anyone knows what they’re doing!

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