13 Trade Show Booth Design Ideas to Try Out

Show Booth Design Ideas

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Smart Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Now that we know what trade shows are and why exhibiting at them is worthwhile, let’s discuss how to make your booth design can stand out from the hundreds (or even thousands) of other companies attending the event as well. We have 30 ideas to help you win the trade show game!


1. Use a Pop-Up Tent

The pop-up tent is a classic in the trade show world because it works really well. It can help a company attract foot traffic and it’s easy to travel with and set up. Pop-up tents offer a more intimate environment than the typical open-air style bespoke stand design.

2. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Attending trade shows is a lot of fun. It can also be hot, sweaty, and exhausting.

To stand out, consider making your trade show booth design have a more “homey” feel that invites attendees to come in and relax.

3. Teach Something

Many people attend trade shows in order to learn about new products in their industry and the companies making them.

Or about the latest discoveries and developments in their specific fields. Why not lean into this fact and offer attendees a truly educational experience when they visit your booth?

4. Go BIG

Google is known as a highly creative and fun company. So it’s no surprise that their trade show booth at CES 2018 had a few imaginative features. Specifically, we’re talking about the giant gumball machine display.

While something like this may be out of budget for most companies, the principle behind it still applies. Think about ways you can go bigger with your trade show booth.

Giant pictures, huge stuffed animals, enormous TV screens? Big things are eye-catching and inspire the inner-photographer in all of us.

5. Get Your Branding Right

When planning your trade show strategy, it’s important to get your event branding just right.

Keep that in mind as you read through this list. While some ideas may work for other companies, not all of them will work for yours.

6. Make it Interactive

Alienware is a computer hardware subsidiary of Dell focused on the gaming community. While their event booth design pictured above may look simple, it does a fantastic job of encouraging engagement.

Folks are asked to take pictures and post them to social media using one of Alienware’s favorite hashtags. In return, participants get featured in the Alienware booth.

7. Give Attendees an Exciting Experience

How can you allow attendees to test out your company’s products at your next trade show? It’s a great way to increase quality leads.

After all, people are much more inclined to buy when they’ve had the chance to try a product before spending money.

8. Blow Attendee Minds

If you have the budget, sometimes the best thing you can do is go all out and blow the minds of every attendee that walks by your bespoke exhibition stands the UK.

Look how big, sleek, and eye-catching the above example is from Dell.

For those who work in corporate event management, consider investing in stellar booth design for your next trade show. The increase in foot traffic qualified leads, and brand recognition will be worth it.

9. Be Eye-Catching

Speaking of eye-catching, the above image from Twitch (a live video streaming platform owned by Amazon) is a great example of stunning visuals that won’t necessarily break the bank.

They use bright colors and make excellent use of lighting. Do your best to add eye-catching elements to your trade show kiosk design as well.

10. Partner With a Pro

No design skills? No problem! There are companies out there that will design a stunning, branded trade show booth for you. Skyline imagined and built the above display for Polaroid.

Notice how the booth is sleek and stylish, yet inviting and practical. These are features that might be hard for your company to replicate without professional help.

11. Rent More Space

Another way to stand out from the crowd of other companies exhibiting at a trade show is to simply rent more space.

Secure a bigger area to display your products, offer more interactive features, and invite in a greater number of attendees.

12. Go Virtual

Virtual reality has been taking the world by storm over the last few years. Jump on the bandwagon and add a VR element to your event kiosk like Intel has done.

It’s a great way to increase foot traffic and engage attendees. Plus, consumers are 53% more likely to buy from a brand that makes good use of VR. Worried about the cost? Don’t be.

Google Cardboard can be obtained for as little as $10.

13. Get the Swag Right

Swag (short for “stuff we all get”) is used in just about every industry. Your accountant gives you free pens, your dentist offers a free toothbrush, and local bands playing at the bar by your house hand out free CDs.

Why not use this same principle in your B2B event marketing strategy?

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