The best place to take pre-wedding photographs in Delhi

pre-wedding Shoots in Delhi

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Top Locations For A Unique Pre Wedding Shoots In Delhi

Nowadays, it has become almost mandatory for people with deep pockets to have a pre-wedding photography shoot. If you are also planning to have a great pre-wedding photography session and are looking for amazing places in Delhi where you can pose for these photos, then you should go through the list of places we have shared with you.

However, you should realise that the location may be important but your choice of the photographer who will take these photos is equally important.

If you hire the services of one of the best wedding photographers in India, then you have nothing to worry because they not only know their skills inside out but also know a lot of places where they can shoot fantastic photos.

However, if you have hired a local photographer, then you should look at the places we have mentioned below and choose those that you find most attractive.

  • Neemrana Fort:

If you are looking for a historical place as the backdrop for your pre-wedding photo shoot, then this place is best for you. Not only it has a beautiful looking well-maintained fort but also a large expansive ground where you can give beautiful poses for the perfectphoto shoot. You can not only shoot outside the fort but also in many places inside the fort.

  • Okhla bird sanctuary:

If you are looking for a beautiful open space to take superb photos, then you can choose the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. This place not only has beautiful green grounds surrounded by lush green trees but also gorgeous looking flowers. We suggest that you hire one of the best candid photographers in Gurgaon or Delhi. The reason we are stressing on hiring candid photographers is due to their ability to take photos of people in the natural mood that gels well with the surrounding.

  • Lodhi Gardens:

This beautiful place is also perfect choice for taking amazing pictures for your pre-wedding photo shoot. However, as it is one of the favourites of the public, you should select a time when there will be a little crowd in the garden. In this garden, you will not only find beautifully maintained ground but also impressive historical monuments which can form a beautiful backdrop for your pre-wedding photo shoot.

  • Flora farm, Noida:

If you like to take photos surrounded by beautiful flowers, then this is the right place to select for your photo shoot. This place is a bit out of the city and it will give you amazing angles which you can utilise to shoot beautiful for wedding photos.

  • Khan market:

If you want to take your pre-wedding photos in a place which will make it a bit edgy and showcase the vibrant spirit of the city, then you can choose the Khan market. This place has some of the best retail stores that can form the perfect backdrop of your photos.

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